Screencast recording - plays before hotspot clicked

Dec 31, 2021

Hi all. I inserted a Try Me recording. On some slides, the screen recording plays before the hotspot is clicked. On other slides, the caption lingers too long.  

I've tried adjusting the caption to fade out, or not show to end. It helps but still not quite right.  Nothing seems to prevent the recording from playing before user clicks the hotspot. 

Any ideas why this is happening and how to work around it?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jill,

It sounds like you've created a Try Mode screen recording, and some of the slides aren't working as expected.

The caption lingers too long.

In Try Mode, a Hint Caption layer will automatically appear when the user hovers over the hotspot and will not fade out until the user hovers out. You can adjust the duration by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Hint Caption layer 
  2. Select the caption
  3. Go to the Animations tab and adjust the duration of the exit animation

The screen recording plays before the user clicks.

The default is set to play the video only when the user has clicked on the hotspot. Review your triggers for the correct action. You may also try reinserting the try mode video in a separate scene to confirm the slide is working incorrectly.

If the slide is still playing with the default trigger set, feel free to share your file with our support team or try to re-record that part of the screencast. I hope this helps!

Jill Freeman

Hi Ren. I have the captions set to show "Always", not on hover. The only way I have found to prevent the lingering caption as the screen recording plays is to fade it out and not show it to end. 

For the screen recording that plays automatically, I re-inserted the Try me recording - no luck. So I turned off the screen recording and mouse cursor, and essentially built screens from scratch with a screen shot and a hot spot.  

I think Chrome had something to do with this. I just learned that IE and FF are best browsers to use when recording, as Chrome may not provide all the right data in the screen recording from whatever web-based app we record. 

Thanks for your help! If this continues to occur, I will ask SME to re-record the whole file or submit a TT.