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Walt Hamilton

I saved your slide as Original.

Judging from the original slide, I think you want the ovals to show a selected state when clicked, but only change to the Visited state when they are clicked in order.

Check my version of Brainteaser2 slide.

First, if you select all the ovals and right click them, you can make them a Button Set. That gives them the built-in superpower that changes the last clicked one to Selected state, and all the others to Normal. No triggers necessary.

Then if you want to change them to Visited state, but put a condition on it, you do need a trigger for that, but now the built-in superpower is a problem. If you leave it to its natural state, it will always change when the oval is clicked, and you can't use a condition. If you create a trigger to change it if the condition is true, you risk creating a conflict between your trigger, and the built-in superpower. When that happens, you can get results that are sometimes interesting, but never useful.

So you have to create a new state that doesn't have a built-in name, so you can create your own trigger without conflicts. I used the name "Investigated", and I created it by copying the Visited state, naming it, and deleting the Visited state.

I only did this for ovals 1, 2, and 3, but you can see how it works.

The ovals change to selected when clicked, and change to Investigated it the previous oval has already been visited. (4, 5, and 6 retain their old actions, as I didn't change them. The built-in superpowers work with the triggers to handle everything.

Patrice Lynn

Thank you Walt - excited to look when I get a minute! I knew about BUTTON SETS, and yes, that was creating problems. I will review what you wrote, the programming, and will now have more Storyline insight. Thank you so much.

Patrice Lynn
Leadership Academy Facilitator
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Patrice Lynn


I opened the one you created named "Original". You said you did 1, 2, 3. I was able to click on 3 and it opened BEFORE I clicked on 1. I need to figure out how to set the triggers so they are clicked in ORDER of 1 - 6. So, if you click on any number out of order, the white circle shows up, but NOT the word. The WORDS only come if clicked in order. The one you sent did not do that. Any ideas? 

Patrice Lynn

Thanks for clarifying Walt. When I preview the slide you created, I am still able to click on the numbered buttons and have the word appear even when they are out of order. For instance, I click on 3, then 2, then 1, and they all act the same and show the word as soon as I click on them. Here are the actual instructions in case I'm not explaining it well:

1. Learner must click the numbers in order. Clicking each number reveals the label associated with that number.

2. When selected, the number should look like this: (White thick circle, blue background, white number).

3. The label should be overlapping and behind the button:

4. All buttons should look the same and have cursor response until clicked correctly.

5. If a button is clicked out of order, briefly show the white circle but then return it to its original state.

6. Once clicked, a button is no longer active.