Skip Pre-Check Correct Questions in Final Assessment Quiz

Feb 07, 2023

The Learners for this quiz must score 100% to pass the course. In the past, we have let them retake it until they score 100% but when they retake the quiz, only those questions they got wrong are displayed.

I want to be able to capture in the LMS those questions answered wrong in the first attempt, so I set up the assessment as a "pre-check" for the first attempt of the quiz. The second attempt (and subsequent, if needed) is set up as "final assessment" using the same questions bank.

What I would like to do is have the final assessment quiz show only those questions the Learner got wrong in the pre-check quiz. I've attached the Storyline file of the assessment if you would like to see how I currently have it set up.

I would love some help on how I can do this. Thanks!

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Susi B

Hi Tonya,

that's a very interesting question. Since you want to use the same question bank on two different slides, I don't think it's that easy.

I could imagine that it could work with variables. You would have to synchronise the questions, so that the result of question 1 from the 1st quiz is transferred to the 2nd quiz. For this you would probably have to build a variable on each question slide, for example "Question 1 = true" if the question was answered correctly. Then the 2nd quiz would have to check whether the question was already answered correctly in the 1st try. Unfortunately, I don't know whether there are system variables that you can use for this. In any case, it's a lot of work that you would have to put in. It's also a bit error-prone.

You can also contact the support, maybe they have another idea: