SL3 - when hovering, base layer is invisible


Slide has a background in the base layer only + caption bubbles + hotspots.

When the user hovers a hotspot, it should display a caption. This caption should disappear when the user stops hovering over that hotspot.

I have created separate layers for each of the 2 captions that are displayed on hover.

Slide layer properties > Visibility:

I've tried to tick Hide other slide layers - got the same problem.

I've also tried untick Hide other slide layers - got the same problem.


What's happening currently in Preview/Publish, is that when the user hovers over the hotspot, although it displays the relevant caption, the background/base layer is lost and what I'm seeing is a grey slide that says "! must select at least one option. Click BACK"

What is also happening is that, when viewing the slide in my SL3 workspace, if I don't lock the visibility/hide the slide layers, I cannot see my  baselayer/background slide. 

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Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out and sharing these helpful details, Meera!

My initial thought is that there could be something with the triggers causing this, but it's hard to say without seeing the file. If you could share your file publicly here, I'd be happy to investigate. Or, if you prefer, you can share it privately here, and I'll delete once done testing!