Slide numbers and importing translation

Jun 23, 2021

Hello everyone

I have two questions about translation files RTF:

  1. When I import the translation files to the storyline, it change some of the slides number, as shown in attached number one, this did not happen before, I always do the import without any problems in slides numbers.
  2. Second, I always used to change formatting for text in the translation file as I want before doing the import, and it used to accept it without redoing these format changes in the storyline file it-self, but now, no matter what I do, it won't take any changes.

Can these problems be fixed?


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Lauren Connelly


Thank you so much for sharing a video of the behavior! We don't have this behavior logged as a software bug, so I'd like our team to investigate your file to understand what is getting in the way.

You can share your file with our team privately in a support case to troubleshoot with you directly!