Slides vs Layer + music


I builded a course in Storyline 360. I've integrated a music sound track in background and I have a narration that plays on top of it. At the begining, I builded my project slide by slide, but I realized that the music was stopping at the end of each slide (even if a I have a trigger to jump automatically to the next slide at the end of the timeline). Seeing that, I've decided to put layers instead of separate slides and it work perfectly. My only "problem" si on the player, if the learner wants to go back at layer #6, he has to start over from the begining (base layer).

My question is : What would be the best solution so that the learner can go back where he wants in the sequence, without interrupting the music?

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Will Findlay

I like the music you have chosen, and I know this may be just a matter of my own preferences, but have you considered just using music  at the beginning and the end, and not having music play throughout? It would make it possible just to use separate slides instead of a separate layers. Sorry, I know that doesn't answer your question, but I think you have to be careful with overdoing music because people have such different tastes.