Some scenes are not translated after import xlf

Aug 22, 2022

Hi, a would like to describe a problem that I encounter frequently. I receive a translated xlf from our translation agency in different languages. French and English work quite well, apart from some reruns, saving, closing and trying again. But finally it always works out. But Arabic is a different story. Some scenes are perfectly translated, others are not and some others are translated partly. Even some slides or layers stay in the source language (wich is Dutch by the way). Off course Arabic is a right-to-left language, but this shouldn't be the cause of this problem, as I have to re-align all the text boxes manualy anyway (and the states as well...). And sometimes there are no issues at all importing Arabic. So what is going wrong here? I add an example of a file that is causing trouble. This time I got an error message, but again this is not always the case when having partly translated scenes or slides. It also occurs without error messages. 

By the way: I follow the procedure for exporting (xlf 2.0) and importing (name of the SL file and xlf are identical) and content freeze after exporting the xlf.

I hope someone can help!


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