STL 360: Embedded MP4 freezes at the same timestamp. The playbar also goes dead

1.7.22 EDIT: The fix is to remove the Automatic compression of the video.

Windows 10. STL 360 v 3.59.26702.0

I have a course with embedded MP4 videos. One of the videos freezes at a specific timestamp. The video's playbar also becomes inactive. 

The video plays fine on its own. So I know the MP4 video itself is not the problem.

I have had 2 courses present this issue. 

Now the fix is easy but not very elegant. You click to the last slide in the TOC, then click to the "problem child" slide, and the video picks up, skipping a handful of seconds forward.

At first I thought it was something in our LMS, but this issue happens in Review 360 as well, so that leads me to believe this is a STL issue.

Has anyone ecountered this issue? Is it a bug? Is it something in the MP4 metadata? The MP4s were yanked out of Adobe Connect.

Slide: Documentation in Care Coordination Navigator

Freeze timestamp: 2:25

Review link:

I welcome any insight or theories!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Katie!

Like Matthew, I am also seeing the video freezing in Review 360. I tested the link in Chrome.

It sounds like not all videos from Adobe Connect are presenting this issue but just a few. I'm not seeing any similar issues related to Adobe Connect. 

Do you mind if our Support Engineers take a look at the .story file? You can share it with their team in a support case. They'll test the file and reply with their findings via email.