STL360: Resume Saved State does not apply to MP4 on a slide

Windows 10 STL360. Version 3.56.26219.0

This is more a confirmation of something that Storyline CAN'T do with MP4s inserted on a slide.

Let’s say the MP4 is 5 minutes long. It’s set to start automatically, and the playbar is visible below the MP4

So I'm watching the video but something happens (Mars Attacks!) and I have to bail on the course to join the fight. So I close the browser when the video is at the 2:00 mark.

We beat the Martian invasion and I return to the course. I am prompted to Resume where I left off and I click Yes. But the MP4 video starts at the beginning. It does not resume at the 2:00 mark.

Slide property = Resume Saved State

Player restart = Always Resume/Prompt to Resume

I just want to confirm there is no trigger, variable, setting I can put into the course where the restart actually happens at the timestamp of where the video was when closing the browser.



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Walt Hamilton

SL sends information about state only at the end of each slide, so resume always happens at the beginning of the slide right after the last completed slide.  There is no provision (and I think this is a SCORM thing) for partially completed slides, videos, or audios. If this (Mars attacks) is something you foresee happening a lot, you may have to break the videos into smaller chunks, with each chunk on a separate slide.

Katie Saunders

That makes sense.

After posting, I did discover this cool work around from Kate Hoelscher of a Save My Progress button, and it works! When the Learner goes back to the previous slide, the video picks up where it was "paused"

Of course this relies on the Learner clicking the Save Progress button; it won't work if they simply close the browser, but it's a cool trick!



Mark Lentz

This Save Progress button method works for me; I spent a lot of time trying to make it work without the user having to click on a button, but to no avail.  I would opt for breaking the video into smaller chunks method. I found a free program that will chop up the video without messing with the existing compression.