Story.html and Index_lms.html Runtime Parameters

Hi Group

I have a Storyline 3 project that is a year or two old, so was developed in the time before mandatory HTML5, although I only every output it to HTML5.

In that LMS-based project, I used to manually tweak the story.html and index_lms.html files after the publish (but before zipping) to include some command line/runtime parameters to the files launched in the LMS. In particular, I'd tweak the runtimeOrder lines in story.html and index_LMS.html to look something like:

runtimeOrder: [{"type":"html5","url":"story_html5.html?SurveyMonkeyURL= Organisation"}]

I.e., I'd include the Survey Monkey URL and Organisation references for later use in the course, using javascript in the course to extract these run-time parameters. This was because the course was being used in multiple sub-organisations and this variable data was the only thing that had to change between them - much better than maintaining separate, almost identical SL versions of the course. Or it certainly used to be...

I've just made some changes to the course and went to do my manual tweaks. It looks like the structure of the story and index_LMS files has changed and this runtimeOrder line is no longer there to tweak!

I'm not imagining this, am I?

Assuming this new structure has been the case in recent versions of SL3, since the demise of Flash, does anyone know where I can include these runtime parameters for both story.html and index_lms.html in the newer format files?

I suppose I could roll back a couple of SL versions to do an publish, but that feels like a backward step. I'd much rather find out how to do this within the new Post-Flash file structure.

Thanks for any insight that anyone can provide.


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