Story View has A LOT of blank space

Oct 22, 2021

This is weird. And annoying. I can't even explain what it is - I just don't know what to call it. So... here is a picture.

weird articulate glitch

I have never seen this before. How do I ... you know... bring it back to normal?



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Alisa Funk


I figured out what is doing it, but not why... I will leave it here in case this maybe useful to someone with a large storyline, since it was problem for me. weird articulate glitch circled

For circled slide has a button that restarts the entire section. (Trigger:  "Jump to Scene 2")

If I change the trigger to "Jump to Slide 2.1" then it looks like this:

weird articulate glitch fixed

It's not a total fix, but it works for my purposes, and hopefully it will help someone. 

No idea what the reason is for the initial glitch.