Storyline 3 Crashes on iPad Safari and Chrome

May 09, 2017

Storyline Version 3 courses crash when clicking Next or Previous on an iPad on SCORM Cloud and another LMS called Ti LMS.

  • Sent case to Articulate support
  • Published as HTML5 or HTML5/flash
  • SCORM 1.2 (experienced crashes on 2004 3rd Edition as well)
  • iPad/IOS 10.3.1
  • Does not crash on laptop and desktop browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and FireFox.
  • Courses range for 40-70 screens, SCORM file sizes ranges from 17-40MB.
  • Using layers for pop ups, quiz questions, narration
  • Can't use the Articulate Mobile App, client requires iPad delivery
  • Have developed courses of this scope in V2 with no crashing

We have tested four courses dozens of times with the above settings and have crashed on the iPad. The crashing is random and we do get a debug screen (see attached). Crashing can occur at any time but seems to occur well into the course and often when clicking the previous button revisiting screens (most set to reset to initial state). But, it has crashed before finishing the course as well and when clicking Next. There is not one screen (or type of screen) that seems to cause the crash. (Can't share courses here because they are proprietary.)

We reduced the layers and removed animations but the courses still crash. We split courses in half, but they crash. 

We created a 50 screen course in V3 then recreated it in V2. The course contains one screen with text, narration, a graphic, and two pop ups. The screen is repeated 25 times. I also created 25 quiz questions.

When I test the V3 50-screen course on SCORM cloud, I crash. Usually after finishing the course and then when I am going back, but it crashes.

When I test the V2 version on SCORM cloud, I don’t crash. I can go through the course multiple course times and do not crash.

Has anyone experienced this issue in either V3 (or 360)? Our thinking is that there may be an issue with V3 and that the crashing may not occur on V2, but were wondering if anyone has crashed in V3 and rebuilt in V2 successfully or has crashed in V3 and found a workaround.

We have published dozens of courses with this scope and level of interactivity in V2 and have had no crashing. This all started with V3 just recently.

Support has been good and here is their take, "Based on the series of testing performed, this occurs on iOS devices but not on Android. The initial diagnosis has something to do with mobile devices limited resource allocation which might be the cause of the issue. However, investigation is still on-going and I'll be sure to let you know for any progress." And, "It doesn't appear to be an issue specific to LMS as it also occurs when I uploaded your content in our web server. The course will crash on random slides and will reload automatically asking whether to resume or not. I've logged the issue as a possible software bug."

Regardless, we have several courses that we need to deliver for the iPad, Safari and Chrome. We have already missed our initial deadline of this past Monday. Please let me know if anyone has come across this issue. If it is a Storyline bug, it needs to be fixed immediately. 

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Wesley Adams

Awesome thanks! Yes it seems for now all fixed. I've uploaded my file.

I also upload a 4 part version of the test course as this did cause the same freezing issue from slide 7 A to slide 7 B. It wasn't until I split up slide 7 A in this version into 2 more parts that the slide transition would work on the iPad. The fixed version is included in the 5 part SL360 file. This is detailed in the case notes for Cleo.

The interesting take-away from the broken 4 part course was that the original Slide 7 B had less layers (3 layers) compared to the original Slide 7 A which had 5 layers. So going from A to B, if they slide 7 B is being loaded next, it would have less to load potentially. Again this is just speculation. 

Also, another interesting note is that the original Slide 7 D (or Slide 7 E in the 5 part version) has 7 layers. When I skip around to that section on the iPad through the Course Map/Menu, I've never had a hard time loading to next slide to Slide 8. 

Boston Cooper

Hi Staff, I´ve been having problems with iPad Freezing/Crashing

It´s all fine and smooth on WIN, OS. But iOS freezes it.
I am working in the latest storyline 360 update (April 2022)

This games launches questions, clicking the 3rd or 4th randomly, it get stucked.