storyline 360 can't save my project (low memory error)


I'm working on some project. I have done 5-4 slides. Sudenly SL360 starts to work very, very, very slow (almost can't do anything in it). I can't even save my project. It's happening to me few times already after working with one file for 3-4 hours. I'm sending screenshots from two errors (I'm getting those when I try to save my project). I have 32 GB of ram, so it's not a problem. I'm working on windows 10 64bit.

My slides contain: 4 photos, 15-20 buttons, 15-20 text files, few shape objects, 10-15 layers with one audio.

edit: SL360 starts working slower gradually.
When I reopen my file, it's all good and program takes only 400MB from memory. I think taht problems start when it's reaching ~3GB of RAM.

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Rogenel Bautista

Hi Maciej,

Storyline 360 is a 32-bit application and Windows limits 32-bit applications to only use 2GB of RAM.

However in your case, it seems that the memory consumption is indeed quite too high for the size of your project.

Also ensure that your are saving the project on your local drive. Working on a mapped network drive or a USB drive can cause resource conflicts and the inability to save or publish.

Maciej Masior

I'm working on local drive.
Its soooooooo frustrating when I have to restart program after some edit/create objects jobs. When I'm not restarting SL360 its getting slower and slower and bugs start to appear like: when you try to select multiple groups then sudennly some groups are moving 100 pixels to left or just elements in those groups getting smaller or bigger or moving where they want.

This program have some serious memory problem (leak?)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maciej and James, 

Storyline 2 is a 32-bit application.  More specifically:

  • Storyline 2 is Large-Address Aware, which means that it can access up to 4 GB RAM rather than the default limit of 2 GB for a 32-bit process.
  • Storyline 2 does not explicitly take advantage of multiple processor cores at this time, although we continue to focus on performance improvements for future updates.

If you're running into performance issues with Storyline 360, specifically the "available memory is low" error, our Support team is hoping to find additional examples and information of what could be causing this error by working with individuals one on one. Can you reach out to them here? 

Wendy Farmer

HI Ashley 

I've been working on a project file for the past two weeks and it was only yesterday I got this message half a dozen times over a few hours.  I was saving after every few slides so I didn't lose much as I had a deadline yesterday. File size is 84MB.

I know there is a SL360 update I need to install but I am still running SL360 v3.12.14647.0 as I don't like to upgrade mid project (I've been caught out before).

Maciej Masior

I'm always working on the latest version of SL360.
Now I'm just saving a lot and restart program after finish every slide.
I started to look into task menager (windows) from time to time and when it's close to 2GB (memory), I restart program too.

When SL360 starts working very slow I restart it too.

Mark Colomb

I can echo the same issues as the others. I am using SL360 on one of our engineering systems with an Xeon processor, 32 GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. All my projects are on my local drive until complete, when I then place them on the network drive for storage.

This seemed to have started about ten days to two weeks ago when there was an update to SL360. I have several video clips in the project and the file size is about 3GB. 

My IT section ha ruled out any hardware issues. Are you working on a solution? What is the timeline?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy, Mark, and James,

I'm sorry you've hit this too. 😕

It's really important to us that we make progress on this performance problem.  We're working hard to nail down reproducible scenarios, and we still need your help.

If you haven't done so already, please send us .story project files that demonstrate the problem, and/or Peek videos that show us how to make it happen.  AND, if you can please share your Case Number in this forum thread after doing so, I'll make sure it's connected to this discussion so our team is aware of the steps you've already tried.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nancy and Brant,

I'm sorry this has plagued you too. Our team is chasing these performance issues down, and we could use your help! Can you connect with our Support Engineers here and let me know once you do, I'll make sure it gets to the right team. 

We'll keep everyone posted here as we continue to investigate!  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maciej,

Correct, Update 14 resolved a memory leak which accounts for errors folks were seeing that said things like "Available Memory is Low". You'll see this noted in the release notes for Storyline 360 as:

Fixed: Storyline could become sluggish or display a low memory error, especially after several hours of use. We found a memory leak and fixed the problem. We're so sorry for the frustration it caused. And thank you to everyone who reported it!

We still have an open issue for the performance issues that our team is working on, so we'll let you know as soon as that is resolved too.

Ross Priluker

I've been having the same problem for about a year and still no fix. Articulate promised the latest update back in March would fix the issue and it's still a problem. I've searched every forum and tried every solution and nothing works. There's forums dating back 6 years with the same exact issue. I am so frustrated right now! I work for a big marketing corporation and I can't get any work done with this bug. I've tried the whole, empty your %temp% folder thing and also emptying the  %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline  folder.... repeatedly. I can't save any work. I'm forced to start a new project in a separate window and copy the slides I worked on into that project, save it, and then restart my computer and copy those slides into the main project. And before you suggest creating a new project and importing all the slides....yes I have done that as well...problem still persists. I've aslso uninstalled and re-installed Storyline 3 repeatedly as well. This is absurd! You guys really need to get with the program and fix this issue. Storyline is unusable. I got deadlines to meet with these modules and I can't make them because this issue continues to slow me down. Don't refer me to other forums that you "claim" fixes the issue, because it doesn't. Believe me I've checked. And before you ask, "yes" all my files are local to my hard drive, I am not working off of a USB or External. I'm sick of this "low on memory" error, and "project can't be saved at this time" annoyance! Why don't we have 64 bit support yet? Also, I am running a top of the line macbook pro with VMware fusion and I have my virtual memory all the way up. No dice! I literally had to repeat the above so-called "solution" 30 times today! I can't keep doing this! I can continue to write a novel here but I think I'm finished expressing my frustration! Why my company is even spending their money on this software is beyond me at this point. It seems whenever you need to create a basic module it's fine...but then when you begin creating more heavy-duty modules, Storyline can't handle it. Please fix, and don't take 6 years to do it! Btw, I'm using the latest version of Storyline 3.