Storyline 360 + Netlify (An experiment on hosting your courses online for free)

Mar 23, 2020

Good day, heroes!

I'm new to Articulate and was checking out how to build courses with Storyline 360 and was experimenting if I can upload the course on the web using free hosting from Netlify. Guess what, it seemed to work!

So I spent a couple hours building a simple interface on Storyline just to see how it works and pretty much ended up with Saving Marilyn from COVID-19, a short intro on how to prevent COVID-19 with information I gathered from a simple Google search on "how to prevent covid". Nothing fancy. Just wanted to test out some Storyline elements and functionality.

I was curious to know how I can share the material without LMS or Articulate (since I only have the trial version) and so I came to a conclusion that maybe, I can use Netlify. 

I published the course and renamed the story.html to index.html and then dragged and dropped the project folder into Netlify and voila!!!

If you're curious to know how Netlify works, I'd be happy to assist you. I wanted to write about it in detail but I figured a tutorial post might be appropriate. Just let me know if you'd be interested.

Check out the experiment here.

Stay safe, stay indoors!



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Ryan Brown

Hello! I have used github and netlify to create a free website. I am interested in creating a portfolio website and hosting some published projects to the netlify site. Becaues I already have a index.html file, is there a way I can host projects on my netlify site as a different page linked off of the home page?