Storyline 360 - PowerPoint import not working

"Failed to import PowerPoint presentation" - I built a 3-slide .pptx file, and Storyline 360 will not import it.  I tried everything on the "Find out why here" link and it is still not working.  HELP!

Storyline 360: v3.26.18601.0

Office 365 ProPlus: PowerPoint Version 1808 (Build 10730.20304 Click-to-Run)

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Beth Stone


I have been having this issue and noticed that after Storyline reads the PPT file, on the slide selection screen that PowerPoint was open in the system tray and was displaying the 'Theres not enough memory or system resources to start PowerPoint' error message.

Clicking OK to this message closed PowerPoint.

After PowerPoint closed I am them able to click Import and import the slides into Storyline withiut any issues.



Alex Samson

Hi all,

Having read through this thread and tried the suggestions that people have contributed, I'm pretty sure this is a Storyline issue. Admittedly, I'm fairly new to the world of Articulate, but my copy of Storyline is very fresh (only recently downloaded). I'm currently working through an Essentials training course, using canned sample files, and I'm having the same problem with the PowerPoint import. 

I'm not sure how often I would use the import feature but it would be useful to have in the toolbox if I need it in the future. As my firm uses the most recent version of Microsoft 365, it would be good to know if this feature will be supported in the future - it would also be good to work through this exercise on my course, if only for reasons of obsessive completeness!! :0)

BTW, loving Articulate so far!


Shevi Yuval

Hi Alex.

I'm still suffering from this. Deferentially a Storyline issue....

What helps me, sometimes, is: In PowerPoint going to the "slide master", deleting all the  slides masters and layouts that are not is use, save, and then import it to Storyline. 

I do hope this issue will be addressed and solved by storyline.

Good luck.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your project.

You mention that you're using Office 365.

  • Do you have the software installed on your local machine (your C: Drive) or are you using the online version?
  • Do you get an error of any kind?

With your permission, I'd like you to share your .ppt file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Paula DuMond

I was experiencing the error message "Failed to Import PowerPoint-Presentation", along with a message box that says "Not enough memory to load PowerPoint" when trying to upload PPT files into Articulate Storyline 360 on my laptop. I performed and confirmed the suggestions in this article to no avail.

I obtained a brand new laptop from my company, with twice the memory as my old one, and had Office 365 and the Articulate desktop app, and am now experience the same issues. At first, I get the error message, I click ok, and then try to import again.  It will import the second time. However, this is what it did on my previous laptop and eventually it seemed to get worse until I couldn't import at all. I want to avoid doing this again.

Anyone who can troubleshoot this with me?

Meredith Singleton

I am having these same issues with my PowerPoints. And, I get issues with Presenter 360 in my PPTs that just stops working and flashes an error every time I click any Articulate feature on the ribbon. 

I have Office 365 downloaded and stored on my local hard drive using Windows 10. I have the PPTX on my local hard drive. I have never been able to import a PPTX into Storyline...I either immediately receive an error or it starts and hangs. Then, I can't get it to cancel. Then, when I try again, I just get an error.

Yesterday, after losing all of the audio in my Presenter file for a 65-slide deck, I uninstalled Office, uninstalled Articulate360 and all the apps, restarted and installed them all again. Presenter seems to be working fine (for now), but I still can't get Articulate to import the PowerPoint files. I receive the PowerPoint files from a graphic designer who works on a Mac and saves them as PPTX. She shares them with me over a Dropbox drive, and I download and save them locally. 

I've opened a case and the engineer never has any trouble with them. So, I'm left thinking my next option is just to upgrade to a new computer and try again. I had lobbied for us to do this work in the Articulate suite over iSpring, but now I'm not so sure. Any progress on these issues?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Meredith!

I'm so sorry for the trouble! I see that my teammate, Jose, is working with you in a support case. We are happy to continue working with you in your case to make sure your PowerPoint files import into Storyline 360. Jose is still available in your support case, and you can reach him via email.

I'll keep an eye on your case to see how it progresses.

Kathleen Jarchow

Anything that is from the Articulate Apps = won't even load from a PowerPoint... even if you save a local copy. I am not changing my whole file structure for a crappy interaction. Anyhow, very disappointed. Should have continued to get trials because they are about as functional as the licensed copy. Don't know why Rise won't interact with anything else in the suite of programs. What a waste. Have to develop everything in Adobe and then upload. 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kathleen. 

I want to help you troubleshoot the issues you are having with importing Powerpoint files, as well as Rise 360, and the best way to do this is through a support case. You can open one by following this link and letting us know what specific issues you’re running into so we can dig into it!

Also, to help clarify for others who may come across this discussion, our Terms of Service state that Trial licenses are available under a one-time evaluation period (2.1.2 C), so continuing to get trials is not a viable option.

Arpana Kumari

Hi Team,

I am also facing the same issue while importing Powerpoint slides into my storyline 360, earlier this worked fine but due to some system issue my IT team had to install the new version of Windows 10, but after that, I am not able to import files in the storyline. I am currently using the storyline version (3.58.26627.0) I am using the WPS office for the PPT file. I have tried each and every method that was provided by Articulate but that also not working in my case. Please help me to get rid of this issue.

Note: Due to a privacy issue I cannot share the PPT file.



David Tait

Have you tried importing the ppt in sections, to see whether you can identify whether any particular slides are causing the issue?

I also find that if I set Articulate away to import a ppt and then I start doing other things on my PC, this sometimes causes import failure. Now I tend to start the import and just leave my PC alone for a few minutes until it is complete. 

Thor Melicher


It's a slow and tedious process but you might want to try this:

1. Create a new PowerPoint with 1 slide and try importing.  If that isn't working, I would ask your IT team to reinstall PowerPoint.

2. If that works, take your PowerPoint and save a new copy of it.

3. Starting from the end, delete 1 slide, save, and then import into Storyline.  Keep doing this until you find the slide(s) that are causing the import failure.

Another approach (especially if you have a large deck) is to do this instead:

1. Create a new PowerPoint.

2. Copy and paste the first slide into the newly created PowerPoint.

3. Import the Storyline file.  Keep repeating the steps (add the next slide into the newly created PowerPoint and then import as a new project into Storyline.)

The intent is to find which slide(s) are causing the problem.  Then you can re-create the slide and import again or just manually create in Storyline.

I hope that helps - again, it's slow and tedious but it will help you isolate where the problem is.


Becca Levan

Hello Arpana!

When importing PowerPoint content into Storyline, you'll want to be sure you're using a compatible version of PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or 2019 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (desktop apps only)
  • If you're using a Mac, Office apps must be installed in your Windows environment

If you're using the supported versions and experiencing issues, could you connect with us in a case so we can investigate further? We'll reach out soon after hearing from you!

Becca Levan

Hey Arpana!

Thank you for the additional details. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 isn't supported when importing content into Storyline: Compatibility and Integrations.

We can appreciate the need for privacy, so feel free to share the PPT securely with us here to test the file on our end to verify that it can be imported. We will delete it once finished.