Storyline 360/Storyline 3 - Bookmarking on LMS

Hi Guys, 

I am using the current version of Storyline 360 to create a training for one of my major clients (Restaurant Chain).  Of course the current bug is that html 5 is messing up in IE 11 browsers... Since they needed to go live with the course next week and there is no fix for the HTML 5 issue, I had to download the Storyline 3 demo and open and publish from that demo to "fix" the html 5 problem. But another issue that was there on the 360 and now Storyline 3 publish is that the course is not "bookmarking" in their Oracle LMS.  *Meaning they start the course, exit and when they return they have to start over.

Maybe I made a mistake somehow, or maybe it something with the program... but anyone else having these issues? I used Storyline 2 forever with them, and it always worked. Advice??  (thanks in advance for your comments and help!)  :)

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Bill King

Hi Leslie,

Apologies for the confusion. It's a long file and was still uploading. I had
to leave my office and when I returned, tried submitting but couldn't so am
now re-uploading the course file. It should be there in ~30-40 min. I will
send another note once it's uploaded/submitted.

Thanks for the follow up,


Rachel Crabtree

sorry I should have mentioned that it Passed SCORM cloud twice.  Some users have no problem.  The machine I use is dropping the book mark.  I am on Win 10 and my IE 11 16299 is showing doctype 11 and compatibility list is OFF.  I will upload the file on Monday and would love for someone to look under the hood.  Thanks!

Alexandra Campbell

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone was able to attain some sort of resolution. We are having the same issue where our course bookmarks normally in other LMSs, but NOT in SuccessFactors. I see some users above are having that issue in SF. I started a case but have not heard back yet. I'm hoping maybe someone can provide any insight on how to resolve this issue.



Bill King

Hi Alexandra, this may not address your issue, but thought I would at least mention the bookmarking fix for me was publishing in SCORM 2004 3rd edition (or later). The course I was working on was published in 2004 2nd edition which has a (relatively) small suspend data limit and so wasn't "remembering" where user left off or what was complete, republishing in the later edition accommodated our user data needs and fixed the issue (we were working with a very large course, FYI). - Bill

Alexandra Campbell

Hi Bill,

Thanks for replying! Unfortunately I'm publishing to SCORM 2004, 4th Edition as recommended by SuccessFactors. We are also working with a pretty large course- 185 MB when published and the SL file is around 475 MB. The weird thing is it is working in one LMS- Cornerstone, and it's working in SCORM cloud, but not working in Success Factors LMS. Very odd.

Rachel Crabtree

Hi Vincent,

It has passed SCORM cloud - also all the other basics are covered (i.e. working from a local source file, etc.),  I submitted it to the Articulate Support Team, but they could not reproduce the problem.  This is also what we have seen in our company.  Only some people have an issue, but others experience no issue at all.  We just recently republished the file and again two users reported bookmarking is not working.  Any news on this front?

Thanks :) 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for letting us know! 

A couple of questions for you on this:

  • To clarify, it sounds like the course is working as intended and resuming properly when it is uploaded to SCORM Cloud? 
  • Do you happen to know which web browsers your learners are using that are reporting the issue?  

If your content works properly at SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, it might be worth connecting with your LMS provider to help troubleshoot the issue as well. They'll know how to best help with any LMS specific issues. 

Please keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions!