Storyline 360/Storyline 3 - Bookmarking on LMS

Hi Guys, 

I am using the current version of Storyline 360 to create a training for one of my major clients (Restaurant Chain).  Of course the current bug is that html 5 is messing up in IE 11 browsers... Since they needed to go live with the course next week and there is no fix for the HTML 5 issue, I had to download the Storyline 3 demo and open and publish from that demo to "fix" the html 5 problem. But another issue that was there on the 360 and now Storyline 3 publish is that the course is not "bookmarking" in their Oracle LMS.  *Meaning they start the course, exit and when they return they have to start over.

Maybe I made a mistake somehow, or maybe it something with the program... but anyone else having these issues? I used Storyline 2 forever with them, and it always worked. Advice??  (thanks in advance for your comments and help!)  :)

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Bill King

Hi Leslie,

Apologies for the confusion. It's a long file and was still uploading. I had
to leave my office and when I returned, tried submitting but couldn't so am
now re-uploading the course file. It should be there in ~30-40 min. I will
send another note once it's uploaded/submitted.

Thanks for the follow up,


Rachel Crabtree

sorry I should have mentioned that it Passed SCORM cloud twice.  Some users have no problem.  The machine I use is dropping the book mark.  I am on Win 10 and my IE 11 16299 is showing doctype 11 and compatibility list is OFF.  I will upload the file on Monday and would love for someone to look under the hood.  Thanks!