Storyline Course Duration

Mar 05, 2013

I need to know the exact duration of a course built in Storyline.  I can find the approximate duration; however, the exact duration is what I need.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hey Blake,

That's kind of a gray area, I think. What your definition of "duration"?

 Some define duration as the actual time required to view all available content (timeline duration), others (especially e-learning vendors) define it as "the time required for the student to study all available material presented in the course (including referenced content, bibliography etc)"...

If your definition is closer to A, then adding the timeline duration of each "active" slide may exactly what you are looking for - especially if your course is linear.

Hope this helps,

Ricky Nox

You can have a look in the meta.xml file in the storyline output folder. You can read an evalutation of the total duration of the course.

-<project title="video marker 3" totalvideo="8767" totalaudio="0" duration="About 34 seconds" enabledownload="true" mobiledata="mobile/data.gz" html5data="mobile/data.js" flashdata="story_content/data.swf" version="" datepublished="2015-03-19T22:27:30" thumburl="story_content/thumbnail.jpg" courseid="6UMVy1bPbUW_course_id" id="5YO8omVNEXY">

 This example comes from an LMS publish.

Ralf  Baum

It is not really neccessary to know the exact duration of an interactive course because users pass through a training with a different speed. Usually you can try to calculate the time a user needs. 30 seconds for each slide, and up to one minute if the users are non-native speakers who do not speak fluently the language of the course.

Will Findlay

For many interactive courses I would agree the length is not easy to estimate because of the multiple paths people take, but Storyline is also often used for courses where the most common path is for the learner to watch it from start to finish. In cases like this it would be sooooo nice if Storyline would allow you to display a duration. I am literally playing back a course with a stopwatch right now to get the duration.  

Will Findlay

Thanks for pointing this out! I played back a course that as estimated at "About 39 minutes" (in the meta.xml file) with a stopwatch and I timed it at 39:30 seconds, so my bet is that it rounds down once you get to minutes in length maybe. It was close enough for my needs at least. 

Also, this post shows how to find that number within Storyline... (Publish > Title > ... )

Patrick Naillon

Being 10 minutes off of a 16 minute course doesn't sound within the boundaries of even a rough approximation.
Unless Articulate Storyline doesn't count layers and only takes the initial slide length into account - which still wouldn't be accurate, as my slides all have fairly short introduction - I don't see how this isn't working.

Patrick Naillon

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Patrick,

You're right, layers are not included in that calculation. Layers could be triggered to appear automatically at any time during the slide timeline, or they could be triggered to be opened manually by the learner. 

You do have the option to enter a custom duration, since you manually calculated seat-time.

Katherine Nash

Hi Alyssa - does Storyline 360 no longer automatically calculate duration based on the timeline of all slides (layers excluded)? I have several files that I've created that are showing blanks in the Duration field within the LMS Publishing tab (image attached). Any thoughts?



Ashish James

So, I have tried the way, but it calculates each slide's timeline time and add it to give an approximation. But it only calculates base layer timing and not slide layer, so my point is, is there any way to get timeline time only but for full project include slide layers?

The other way to do is manually, go on each slide and its layers and add all time manually, but its tiresome for large modules.