Storyline course randomly getting "stuck"

Nov 15, 2013


I'm finding that as I continue to develop my skills with elearning, and my courses become a little more complex, I'm having problems with the published courses. I just released a course and about 40% of users are getting stuck somewhere in the course. They say that no matter what they click the course will not advance. The rest are able to complete it successfully. This course does have a few small "try me" simulations. At first I thought it was user error, but that would be over 200 users so far that have had an issue. Any thoughts?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Sarah.

Could you ask one of your affected learners to create a screencast showing us the issue that they are experiencing?

Once they've done that, please send us a copy of your .story project file along with a link to their screencast so that we can take a deeper look into the root cause of the problem.  Thanks!

Michael Getz

We're seeing he same issue in a very large Storyline course (>300 slides - don't ask...) that we're working on and we've sent some information to Articulate Support. We've tried optimizing in the publish but we're still seeing the course freeze on certain systems. I'll circle back if/when we learn something...

Niranjan Mariaselvamanickam

Hello All,

My Team is also trying to troubleshoot something very similar, hope to find some solution.

Something which might be irrelevant, but what we noticed was that the issue could be because of the system processor capability, which might not be able to take on the course with heavy content. We have not been able to conclude on this however.

Someone Please help :(


Jamuna K

Hello everybody,

For the freezing problem, we thought of doing the below 2 changes and see the result.

1. The course has a background image, the size of background image may cause the freezing issue. So, we need to reduce the background image and check.

2. The course has restricted navigation with a timer on each slide. We will need to remove the timer in the course and check.

But the problem we are facing here is, we dont have source PPT's with us, we just have SCORM available with us.

So, we commented the 48--> line for each slide, but still we can see the timer available on the course.

Can anyone tell us, the possible ways of changing the above 2 with the available SCORM.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning Jamuna, and welcome to Heroes!

Articulate does not support the modification of our published output (although there could be someone here in our community that might have a recommendation for you), so you'll want to get hold of the source files in order to make this type of change.

Also, your reference to "source PPTs" makes me think that rather than posting in our Storyline Forum, you may want to post your question in our Articulate Presenter Forum.

Good luck with your project!

Sarah Bauer


in response to a few of the previous questions... everyone was just recently converted to Windows 7 and IE 8. Everyone is using the same browser. We had a server test done with the course. We were told that we had the capacity for over 500 users to complete the course at the same time with no issues. We're well under that.

Rebekah Massmann

We had this issue when some of our users were not current on Flash (even though they technically met the minimum standards according to the tech specs). Have you checked that?

Here's a forum thread with what we were experiencing and the solution.

Rebekah Massmann


In your original post you stated that you weren't able to re-create the issue, so if it IS a Flash issue, anyone with at least your version shouldn't be experiencing difficulty. The only way to really know for sure is to have one of your learners who is getting stuck check his or her version of Flash. If it's the same as yours, than Flash probably isn't the problem.

Sarah Bauer

I didn't have any luck getting the screencast. I sent the link provided to a few people who were having problems but they couldn't get it to work. I have screenshots. A new problem that has been reported to me is that the player seems to lag behind the screens or something. For example, I was just sent a screenshot where on a question slide the Prev. and Next buttons were there, but wouldn't work. They should see the Submit button but it wasn't there.

Rebekah Massmann

Hmmm. Were you able to get information on their system setup, either using the link I put in here or the link Ashley shared? I'm not *that* technical, but I do think if you only have some users experiencing these issues, that it must have to do with their setup, versus something in the course itself.

Have you opened a support case, screencast or not?

Amy Cosgrove

Was there ever any resolution to this thread? I see this was 2 years ago but I'm having the exact problem now. Published a compliance training and about 100 people so far have successfully completed but there are a significant handful who have emailed me saying the content video gets stuck on a slide and won't budge...I'm thinking it has to be something with the browser or system settings? We are using a Saba LMS.