Disable Next Button on a Slide until all Buttons are Visited

This example illustrates how to disable next button when the timeline starts and enable next button when a variable change occurs after all of the slide buttons/objects have a state change to visited. 

Note: All buttons must have a visited state. The next button will be enabled if the slide is revisited.

Step 1:
Create a True/False variable for the slide objects visited (SlideNumb_Action_VariableType).
Example Variable:
Variable Name, Type = True/false, Default Value  = False


Step 2:
Create a trigger that changes the next button to disabled when the timeline starts if the variable is not equal to true.
Example Trigger:

Step 2 Trigger

Step 3:
Adjust the variable when the identified slide elements change to a visited state.
Example Trigger:

Step 3 Trigger

Step 4:
Change the state of the next button to normal when variable changes.
Example Trigger:



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Jeremy Boehl

Hello. I've used triggers like in the example you posted, Ashley, to set the Next button to not appear until the timeline reaches the end. This seemed to work fine, but I recently found out that if you hit the Enter button, it advances the slide without having to click the Next button. Also, when viewing on a tablet, the user can just swipe ahead before the Next button appears. Is there a way to disable this functionality so the slide can only be advanced by clicking Next when the button appears? I have searched the forums everywhere and can find out how to do this? thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jeremy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

This is actually an open issue that our team is currently investigating:

Player navigation does not work as expected when you press spacebar or Enter key after the first slide if the Next Button is set to hidden when timeline starts

I'm going to add this conversation to the report as we track user impact and so that we can update you here when we can as well.

No known workaround is listed at this time.

Jeremy Boehl

Thank You Leslie! This is a major issue for us because some of our end users are paid for their time spent completing courses. Also, if they are able to repeatedly hit Enter and skip through an entire course in 2 minutes when it’s supposed to be a 45 minute course, it’s a compliance issue as well. Hopefully a workaround or setting that prevents users from skipping ahead will be added or included in a software update soon. I hope we don’t have to redesign all of our courses or go back to using Adobe Captivate because of this loophole. Currently using Storyline 360.

Thomas Trampf

This is great; however, the problem I've had is that when the learner returns to the slide by clicking the Previous button, the Next button doesn't appear and they have to re-click all the buttons again to get it to re-display. I tried setting the slide properties to "Resume saved state," but it still doesn't work. 

Thomas Trampf

Thanks Lauren, but my work is highly proprietary and cannot be shared outside the company. I did manage a workaround that seems to work. Instead of hiding the Next button, I simply disabled it. It's not perfect as a disabled Next button displays. It passed SME review without anyone pointing it out, so I'm leaving it as is.  

Wendy Farmer

Are you leaving the slide with the buttons to go to other slides and then returning?

If so,

Triggers should be:

change state of next button to disabled when timeline starts on the slide with buttons.

change state of next button to normal when timeline starts on the slide with button on condition xyz is visited.

Benedict Chia

Dear Lauren,

I used the tips recommended but face a problem exactly like what thomas trampf described.

However, once I link those 5 navigation buttons out to another scene/slide, and learner returns to the slide by clicking the "Previous" button, the states of my button no longer stays visited. 

As a result, the "Next" button doesn't appear even if learner has gone through all 5 scenes. 

Pls advise. Thanks.