Storyline does not use default browser to open local files

Hello everyone; I have this issue:  In my PC as well as most of our students there is installed Google Chrome as the default browser; unfortunately whenever Storyline has to open a link or any other file, like PDF or like it will  launch them via Internet Explorer instead of the default browser. 

I publish mainly to CD. 

It´s anoying because we need to Google Chrome for a numer of reasons (Google Apps in the first place) and I really do not like the look and feel of IE. 

Any help will be appreciated. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Aroldo,

When you publish content for CD or another offline location (DVD, kiosk, etc.), hyperlinks in the published output will always open in Internet Explorer—even if a different browser is the default browser. This is by design. Content published for CD launches in a form that's based on Internet Explorer, which is why hyperlinks also open in Internet Explorer.