Storyline is still reporting "incomplete" and success "fail"!!!!!!

Mar 26, 2013

I opened a case with Articulate and the answer from the staff member was that it is a problem of the LMS. It is not since when I test the module in the Scorm cloud I get the same resutl.


I need someone ifrom Articulate to provide a satisfactory answer. 

 I tried several settings:


- passed/incomplete


They all report the same. if you pass the test is says "complete" and passed" but if you don't pass it says "incomplete" failed.  Why does it not report "completed "failed"???????? Or just pass/fail. We are NOT tracking screens.

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renee barnes

HI, I can't seem to get a resolution to this issue. I am still getting information that the problem is in the way the LMS interprets the scorm data from Articulate. Both Moodle and the SCORM could are interpreting the results as "incomplete", "failed"  when someone fails a test, but we want the LMS to report only "failed" .

Trent V

Hi Leslie,

I'm having difficulty integrating a quizmaker quiz into the eFront LMS.  Originally, I set the reporting on the Scorm 1.2 to "Complete/Incomplete". It didn't register the lesson as being complete nor did it score the results unless the student passed.  I changed the reporting to different options but it didn't change the result.

At that point, I enclosed the Quizmaker quiz in Presenter and had the LMS track by number of slides.  It registered as complete but assessed a score of 100% for the quiz even if the student scored a 70%.

Any thoughts?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

renee barnes

HI, we were having that issue because the older version of articulate did not have two publishing options (completed/incomplete and pass/fail) now it does. i think that using complete/incomplete solved the issue. i suggest you try both settings and test in your lms to see what happens.

Training Services

Hi Leslie

As you  can see from the attached in Stormcloud result I have failed the test but the lesson is still showing as incomplete but it should be complete as the test has been taken. If I pass the test then it will show as complete!

Also if a user who has fails accesses the lesson again then it asks if they wish to resume and they can take the test again, yet the LMS is set to 1 try only!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lynn!

Articulate Storyline 2 communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement. See this article for more information.

So, if you are tracking via quiz and the learner fails, this is not course completion.

If your LMS tracks a completion status and a success status, choose Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed. The other pairs report only completion status. You can read more about troubleshooting LMS issues here.

Darlene Pielack


Is there a resolution to this. I passed the assessment with a 90%, I have a completion as complete and Success as failed. This is in SCRORM Cloud and the LMS. I know you say it is LMS, but I have the same course, but in English and is working as suppose to. This course was copied from the English version.