Storyline not preloading video on slide layers

Jul 13, 2021

Hello! I'm having a pretty specific issue where it appears that videos that exist only on an additional slide layer are not preloaded when the base slide is loaded.

Context: I have a slide that combines video with Storyline content. It's essentially a sequence of small (2-4 second) mp4 animations that each transition into each other seamlessly. 

The way I'm handling this is by putting each little video on its own slide layer, allowing users to click next/previous buttons to show the corresponding layer/video. The goal is that this will create the illusion of seamless animation that is user-paced as they finish reading the Storyline text that appears over each segment.

However, I've noticed that each video consistently stutters through the first few frames when their corresponding layer is called to appear for the first time.

But in addition to this, I've noticed that when the user goes to the previous layer in the sequence, then back forward again, the video plays perfectly smoothly.

Both of these things happen consistently both in Storyline previews and published/on the review site, leading to my conclusion that Storyline is likely not preloading videos that appear on slide layers other than the base layer.

So, is there any way to force storyline to preload all video content on a slide, including content on slide layers before those slide layers are called to appear for the first time?

I unfortunately can't share an example as it's confidential, but I appreciate any help in advance!


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Rob Beecher

Update: if anyone else comes across a similar issue, I think I may have found a usable, if janky, workaround:

I put triggers on my base layer on timeline start to show all the other layers that have video, then show a new, empty layer which both has the "hide other slide layers" property checked and has a single "when the timeline starts on this layer, hide this layer" trigger.

This seems to trick storyline into preloading all the videos on the slide layers, as they have technically already been "shown", even though they haven't actually appeared. My videos now play in sequence without stuttering!

Ideally, there should be a less weird workaround way of doing this, but it seems to work for now.