Storyline slide with audio showing in Rise 360 with video play button

I created a slide in Storyline that will be used in Rise. It has several layers that will show when the user clicks on boxes in the base layer. Each of the layers contains an audio file. When I brought it into Rise using an interactive block, it appears as a black box with a video-type player arrow. But I don't want them to have to click on the arrow to see the content - I want it visible right from the get go, without the black box. This is using the desktop version, not a mobile version. In Storyline, I have the player set to modern and "off." Can anyone tell me how to get it so that it shows in Rise with the content visible and no arrow to have to click to see the content? Thanks.

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Math Notermans

That is the 'Big Black Button of Doom' from which Articulate says its necessary on every Storyline with video or audio especially on mobile deviced. What's offcourse nonsense because it is not needed at all. Especially when you donot have video on your first slide.

Here is a workaround to get rid of it.

When publishing for Rise you have to understand though that you cannot change the slides.min.js file after publishing, mostly because the file goes automatically up to Review.
So you have to fix it in your Programme folder and then when publishing it shows without the black screen and button on Review and thus in your course in Rise.

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