StoryView Slides overlapping

Oct 20, 2015

In my project, in many of the StoryView scenes, some slides overlap another slide.  I have tried dragging the top slide to an adjacent position but they always revert to overlap another slide.  I have attached an example.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this please.  Thanks in advance.

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Balint Koller

Hello All - I've run into the same issue and read the various thread here related to this. Just wanted to share an accidental fix that I discovered, seemed to work for me (but nothing else out of the recommended solutions did). So  I simply created another, dummy, scene, and made that the red-flagged starting scene. For some reason, this simple removal of starting scene status from my scene with the overlapping slides made the overlapping disappear and the slides appear neat again. Go figure! Hope this simple solution works for others as well (but could be a bit of a bug for the Articulate team to pick up)? 

Balint Koller

Sorry about that Doug.... then it really does sound like a bug that the Articulate team may want to investigate. Actually, in trying out all the workarounds, I've also tried copying all my slides into a new project, but that only resulted in most of the formatting going haywire (even though it was a straight copy/paste), so would not recommend that one.