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Janet Branson

No, the pink guidelines did not show up. They do for inserting media
though. I was using the grid to align, but the placement was overshooting
the mark. Part of that hours was looking for a workaround that allowed me
to adjust the pixel location of the first and last points of the line in
the freeform line option.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Carmen and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you are running into an issue as well.

I can no longer see JC's video example, but I'm curious if you were able to take a look at Alyssa's response here?

Would you be able to record us a quick Peek 360 video of what you are seeing?

Joseph Brightman

Having the same problem using the freeform tool. I see this is a five-year thread and that a feature request was made around a year ago.

It seems to me that adding this functionality to the freeform tool would be reasonably simple, since most of the code is already written for the regular line tool.

Are we missing part of the process, missing a feature request or something? It would seem that it would take much less than this time period to resolve such a simple issue.

Anyone currently have workarounds that work to draw 0, 45, and 90 degree lines without the shift key lock?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joseph!

Thank you for checking back on this feature request! Fortunately, we do share our feature request process publicly. As you can see, we are intentional about every addition that we make to our programs. We also promise to share when we hear the good news!

If we hear of any updates, we'll report back to this discussion.

Gilly Moreira

Hi, i have a question. If i draw two straight lines forming a 90 degree angle and i want to make the angle round, i can't achieve this in Storyliune. This is such a simple procedure but it is impossible to do in StoryLine. 
How do you draw two lines, connect them in 90 degrees and then make the corner round?