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Ed Crane


Seems like there may be  a bug in reporting bugs.

If you don't click "No thanks, I'd like to create a case " when prompted and instead decide to search, it's not possible to get to a place to create a case, or at least I could not after clicking around for five minutes. What am I missing?


Sylvia Wright

I have been trying to submit a bug report and cannot get the message to send at all. I've turned off all blockers etc, but it will not go. :(. 

This is my issue:

Dear Articulate,

It appears there is a bug in SL3. There appears to be a dead zone at the bottom of some of my slide layers. I looked for help on the community and was informed this is a bug and needed reporting. I was told that if I used the modern player the slides/layers would work.

I also find that every time I try to switch my player I get and error message and data is sent to Articulate.

This is really frustrating. Thanks for helping.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jan,

I responded to a similar question here.

When you click the link, as an Articulate 360 Teams account seat holder, your link updates to be sure you get priority support.

The link to submit a support case is the same for everyone.

Be sure to log out of Articulate 360 or use an incognito browsing window if you need to submit a case for Storyline 3.