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Jun 22, 2020

I have a slide that I cannot get the layers to hide. They won't work with "go to slide" either.  If I put the slide into a project on its own, it works. If I delete all scenes except the one it is in it works. I cannot figure out why it won't work. I've taken out all of the company sensitive material and have left all of the slides in the project. The slide with the issue is called True Stories. Help??? THANKS

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Walt Hamilton

You have encountered a bug. I have read about it recently here on the forum, but I thought most of the people who had a problem with it were experiencing the dead spot at the top of the slide, instead of the bottom.

The attached video explains it. I duplicated your button to make sure it wasn't a corrupted shape. I placed one of the duplicates at the same X location on the slide, but higher. I placed the second one at the same Y location, but farther to the left. I changed the height of the fourth one, so it spans the dead zone. Notice in the video, that the buttons at the bottom of the slide are in the dead zone, and the cursor doesn't register when hovering over the buttons, but the one that is higher does. watch the cursor on the larger button, and you can see where the dead zone starts and ends.

There appear to be no objects on the slide or feedback masters , or the layers themselves that would cover the buttons.

By the way, if you make no changes to the layers, but switch to modern player, the buttons work.

You need to report a bug, and see if you can get some help from Articulate. When you do, include both your story, and this video.

Sylvia Wright

Ren, just got an email from Articulate and was told that by disabling ALL of the Next Previous buttons the slide will work. It appears to be true and has something to do with consistency across all the slides in the player. This has NEVER been an issue before this current version, but it does appear to work. The problem for me is that I may WANT the next previous buttons on some slides and not others.

Ren Gomez

Hi Sylvia,

I appreciate the added insight into what you're experiencing, and with your help, it looks like my teammate Georvey was able to find a bug in Storyline 3 Update 10.

Bug: Objects appearing near the bottom of the player are un-clickable when a slide is previewed separately.

We'll be sure to jump in your case, as well as in this discussion, when we have any progress to share on a fix!

Sylvia Wright

Just to add a bit to this. I discovered that if any of the buttons are checked, including the submit button, it creates the 'dead zones' at the bottom of all slides. Therefore I can't even use the quiz form submit button :(. I created a substitute submit button so the slide works, but heads up to the community if you find a dead zone at the bottom of your slides. ALSO HEADS UP to the community. If you open ANY of your older projects in the new version of SL3 and I believe SL 360 you will have to create substitute submit buttons and previous next buttons.

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