Play/Pause button only previews in preview scene

Nov 24, 2020

I have a pause/play button on some of my slides in order to pause the interaction to allow the user to complete reading a section of text. With this latest edition of SL3 I can only get the button to work in preview mode if I preview the entire scene. This is really troublesome when I have a scene with 4 lessons in it. Any ideas? I discovered that if I delete slides 1.1 through 1.10 then the pause/play works on previewing just the slide. The slide is 1.14 in the Articulate test 1 file and 1.4 in the Articulate test 2 file. THANKS!!!

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Sylvia Wright

Lauren, THANK YOU for looking at this. The link you gave me is the file (test 2) that shows that the button (the rectangle to the left of the left arrow at the bottom of the slide that appears when you hover over the down arrow) works after deleting several slides before the faulty button. The test 1 file shows that the button does not work with all the slides in the scene. I do not have 360 or Peek, but all of the triggers are in the files that show the stop/start of the timeline that is supposed to occur in the test 1 file when the user clicks the button. Thank you, again, for looking!

Sylvia Wright

Lauren, I have discovered that it is the player that triggers the dead zone and in particular the volume button. If the volume button is not checked (enabled) there is a dead zone across the bottom of every slide. Enable the volume button in the player and everything works.