Submit button missing from Quiz when imported into Storyline 360

May 20, 2020


I am currently building a course in Storyline but am  after running into an issue. I have produced a course in Quizmaker which works perfectly when run in Quizmaker but when I import it into my Storyline course the "Submit" button is missing from the bottom right of the screen. It it's place is right pointer ">". 

Can somebody please advise?


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Eric,

Thank you for reaching out! 

A couple of questions for you on this: 

  • Which Player is your Storyline course using? 
  • Was the submit button replaced with a checkmark ☑️?

I ran a quick test on my side by importing a sample Quizmaker quiz into a new Storyline course. I found that when using the Modern Player, the default submit button is a checkmark. If this matches the setup of your course, then you can adjust this by: 

  • Navigating to the Home tab and clicking on Player
  • When the Player Properties appears, click on Colors & Effects to adjust the button styles.

If this doesn't quite match up with what you see, please let us know! 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Zvonimir!

I'm so glad this discussion was still useful for you! It sounds like you tried to add a trigger for the "Submit" button on the Slide Masters. Instead, you'll want to add a trigger to the individual slides if you're looking to include the "Submit" button in a trigger. 

To make this easier, add the trigger to one slide and then copy/paste the trigger on the additional question slides.


I've tried to do it on the master slide since I have a question bank of 100 questions that are drawn randomly.
If you have any suggestion where to do it, would be really helpful.

Update - I don't want to disable the submit button, but never mind, I'll work around this 😁