Submit Pick One not jumping to next question

Oct 12, 2021


I have created a Final Assessment (FA) using the same triggers, etc from a previous FA.

However in my new FA the slide is not advancing to the next slide when I click my customised Submit button (called "Next"). 

I have tested the Next button to make sure it works when pressed by simply swapping out the "Submit Pick One" for a "Jump to the Next Slide", so I know it is not being overlaid and blocked by anything else.

It works OK if I have Question feedback on, where the user is given feedback then clicks a Continue button, but feedback is not to be given in the Final Assessment, it must just go onto the next question when the user presses the Next button.

The only way I can get this to move onto the next question is by adding another trigger to my Next button so now I have 2 triggers being: - Submit Pick One, - Jump to Next slide (Refer Submit Fudge Fix screenshot).

With 360 Pick one questions to adjust and then test, I am running out of time.  Is this a bug to be quickly fixed or is there something I have missed?

Attached are a couple of screen shots from my working FA in an earlier project and this non-working FA with the fudge to make it work.  I just cannot see what is different.

Please help.

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Scott Wiley

Any way to separate the triggers by what they're attributed to?

I'm thinking if you submit the interaction when the user clicks an item (trigger applied to hotspot, shape, etc.) and reserve the Next button trigger only for navigation afterwards, it might work better for you.

Any chance of sharing your file?

Sylvia Drower

Hi Scott. 

Thankyou for your feedback and time. 

With to your first suggestion, I cannot Submit as soon as the user clicks an area as they may want to change their mind prior to clicking the Next button.

Your second suggestion will require more work than simply adding another trigger to the Next button.

Unfortunately delivery is expected tomorrow, so I will have to run with putting 2 triggers on the Next button.

I will continue to experiment after delivery as I would like the client to ultimately have a correctly working version.

Depending on the outcome, I will either post a cut-down version of this Assessment in the next couple of days (no point in uploading 360 Pick One questions!) or post the results of my tinkering.  

It really has me baffled as to why my previous FA works and this one does not. The only difference I am aware of is in my Build number. I have the latest, having reinstalled SL360 due to a corruption.





Sylvia Drower

Hot Spot only allows for ONE hotspot.  I often have many possible areas the user can select from eg select a handrail.  There are many hand rails and as long as they select one, then click Next then that is enough.  If they do not select one of the handrails, and click on any other part of the screen, then it is marked as incorrect.

Sylvia Drower

Latest update. 

Jump trigger after Submit does not work as a fix. 

It will jump to the next question (good) but there is no score point recorded so the results screen shows 0 correct (even though I got 1 out of 2 correct). 

Also, when I review, the system shows the Correct banner on the question answered correctly and the Incorrect banner on the question I answered incorrectly, so something is going on with this Submit.

I copied each and every trigger from a working Assessment and replaced all triggers in this faulty assessment, to no avail, the Submit still does not work as expected.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sylvia,

I appreciate the shared example so that I could take a look. 

The combination of a custom 'submit' button and not having any feedback requires that you have a trigger to jump to the next slide after submission as well. Typically the continue button on the feedback layer does this.

Take a look at your updated example in the attachment.

Sylvia Drower

Hi Leslie, thank you for getting back to me. 

This Jump works, however I still have a  question.

In an earlier story I did not need the Jump to Next Slide, the Submit worked fine without it.  I have attached a cut-down copy demonstrating this.  So why do I now need to insert another Trigger to get the Submit to work again?



Leslie McKerchie

Great question, Sylvia.

My colleague, Maria, and I looked over these two courses and there is no obvious answer. However, we cannot replicate the behavior of your first course. Are you able to replicate this behavior? 

I'm glad that we were able to find a solution in the meantime and if you're looking for another alternative that may be easier to implement, then click the Swipe Next box on your slide properties. This will 'activate' the next behavior without the need to add a trigger to each slide.