Syncing Story files to Google Drive

Mar 16, 2022

My company currently uses Google Drive to store all files including Storyline files (completed and work-in-progress). However, we cannot open and work on Story files (unpublished) in the Google Drive environment, rather, I have to download the file to my local computer, work on it, then upload it back to the main Google Drive folder each night for back up purposes. 

I believe there is a Google Drive for Desktop function that allows for the automatic syncing of files back and forth between a cloud environment and the local computer. I want to install this program on my computer and need to explain the benefits to my IT department (who are not familiar with Articulate Storyline or how it may or may not interact with Googled Drive/Google Desktop).

Does anyone use the Desktop syncing function of Google Drive to aut0-sync their Storyline files? If so, does it auto-save and constantly back up Story files to the cloud folder without having to be uploaded and downloaded each day? If it does these things then I also imagine other users are able to access work-in-progress Story files when I am off-line without me having to upload the current version to Google Drive. Is that correct? Are there any disadvantages to using this auto-syncing program in relation to Storyline files?

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Cheryl Asher

Hi Tom!

I was so happy to see this post and go digging for SyncToy (I backed up to OneDrive on Friday, and now realize what a huge mistake that was, so I'm trying to fix the problem this morning), and according to my research, it was discontinued in January 2021. Are you still using it, or do you have a recommendation for offsite backup?

Thanks mucho!!!