System variable(s) used to unlock the menu links?

Does anyone know the system variable(s) used to unlock the menu links to review slides after a Pre Test-Out quiz is passed. Or if it's possible?

I am using the modern GUI wrapper with the menu restricted until viewed. Works great if the user completes all slides, passes the quiz, and wishes to review content freely. All menu items are unlocked as intended. But, if the user ops to take the Pretest to test out of the course, passes, but then wants to review the slides, the menu items remain locked.

I've tried different system menu variables, but no luck. I am able to enable the Next button to advance, but user has to click through all slides in order. I have set up triggers on each slide to automatically quickly advance through all slides to unlock them all, but user see's the forward progress as it runs. It appears that clicking the Next button triggers the unlocking of next slide, so there must be a hidden variable that it sets off.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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James Esser

I actually did that with the original GUI, but wanted to convert to new modern GUI and take advantage of some features. The lock is disabled by selecting the Next btn, so there has to be a system variable or combination of, that fires off.  Was testing assigning menu.slides, menu.visited, menu.sectionSlides, menu.slidesVisited, etc... but haven't hit the prize yet.

Many Thanks!

Bryce Wescott


The only solution with the built-in player menu is to use Javascript to access the backend of Storyline. The main setting is located in "Story_Content/frame.xml" there you will see:

<optiongroup name="menuoptions">
<option name="flow" value="free" />

This data feeds your "frame.desktop.min.js" file. There is bound to be a solution using Javascript that will allow you to dynamically change the "flow" settings.