Text Entry Variables Not Being Assigned in IE & EDGE (Works in Chrome)

Hi Group

I have an HTML5 test project with 2 screens. The first screen has a layer with 2 text entry fields that must have something in them (i.e. their respective variables have to have something in them), before clicking a button to take you to the second screen.

In Chrome this works great. You tab/click to the first text entry field and type something, then click to the second field and type something, then click the button and you move beautifully to screen 2. I.e. clicking the button from within one of the text entry fields seems to trigger the lost focus event and assign the variables as you'd expect.

In IE (11) and Edge, however, clicking on the button after typing a value in the second text box doesn't move you to the next screen. I.e., clicking the button from within the text entry field doesn't seem to trigger the lost focus event to populate the variable.

At this point, in IE and EDGE, if I click into the other, already populated text entry field, or hit the keyboard Enter key, then click the button, the variable seems to be populated and then everything works OK in IE and EDGE. I.e. toggling between the text entry fields or pressing the Enter key does seem to trigger the lost focus event.

There's a working model of this in Articulate 360 at: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/1eacd717-ee7d-479e-8f45-bc2a8010dd92/review

Can someone please confirm that they see this, too, or come up with some kind of solution as to why this is happening in this .story file?

The .Story file is attached. It is a Storyline 3/360 file.

I will try to post this to support, too, and if a resolution is found I'll post it back here.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paulo,

I saw you were working with Renato in a case, and it sounded similar to an issue I've seen where the text entry focus doesn't work while viewed in IE/Edge when hosted in Review 360.  Have you also tested this on your web server or an LMS? That would help narrow down what's going on! 

I'll give Renato a heads up too as he continues to investigate your case! 

Paulo B

Thanks, Ashley. I was just coming to post an update.

Yes, the problem seems to be pretty universal. If directly clicking on a button from within the text entry field if using IE or EDGE, the Lost Focus event doesn't seem to register and, consequently, the variable doesn't get assigned.

If you're in Chrome, or tab out of the text field, or press the keyboard Enter key then the Lost Focus event fires.

Renato believes it to be a bug and is in the process of escalating the issue.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Paul!

No news yet, but we promise to keep this discussion posted when there's any change in this bug's status. Here's a glimpse into how we tackle bugs!

In the meantime, we're happy to look at your file to search for custom approaches. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Paulo and Paul

I just wanted to share that we no longer see the bug reported here where setting the variable when pressing the button is not working as previously using the latest build of Storyline (3.61.27106.0).

If you're using the latest version and you're still experiencing this issue, please reach out to our support team through a case