Text Formatting Changes in Scrolling Panel Not Showing Up In Preview

Jan 10, 2023

Hi everyone,

I'm using Storyline 360 v3.71.29339.0 and I'm having a strange issue where I changed the emphasis--that is, which words are italicized--in a textbox that is inside a scrolling panel. I can clearly see the changes while editing in Storyline, but when I preview the slide, the old emphasis shows up instead. 

Here's what I see while editing:

The Routes of Exposure and Controls feedback boxes begin in the hidden state (along with their respective OK buttons). After the learner answers each question, the feedback box flies in from the left. The scrolling panel is just there to set the start point for the fly-in animation; it helps give the illusion that the feedback is flying in from the right edge of the question box. 

You can see in the timeline that there are only two objects in each scrolling panel: the feedback text box and the OK button. 

In the feedback for Routes of Exposure, "inhalation," "mucous membranes," and "may" are italicized. But here's what I see when I preview this slide:

In the preview, absorption is italicized rather than mucous membranes. That's the older italicization I am trying to change (and have changed in the edit window, but for some reason, that change is not being reflected in the preview).

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug related to the latest update? I don't recall ever having this issue before.





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John Morgan

Hi Ray,

I'm sorry you're having this issue! I have tried to reproduce the issue you have been experiencing with text formatting in scroll panels but haven't been successful. People have reported having formatting issues in scroll panels but not with italicized words.

Would you be willing to share your file here or with our support engineers privately in a support case? We would love to troubleshoot this for you! 

Thanks for reaching out!

Ray Cole

Hi John,

I figured out what the problem was--it was my own mistake, not a problem
with Storyline. The feedback panels have 3 states: normal, correct, and
incorrect, and I changed the italicization only on the normal state, which
is never shown. When the feedback panel is displayed, it's always because
the learner submitted either a correct or incorrect response, so only those
two states ever get displayed, and I hadn't changed either of them.

Now that I have, I see that the slide is working correctly.

Thanks. I will post back at the forum to confirm to others that there is no
issue with Storyline in this regard.



Ray Cole

My bad. As I was preparing the file to submit it formally in a support case, I realized there were multiple states for the feedback panels and I only changed the Normal state. When the preview runs, the Normal state is never shown because the feedback panel only becomes visible in response to the learner submitting an answer which is either Correct or Incorrect and consequently those are the only two states that ever get displayed. But since I didn't change the italicization on either of those states, it looked like Storyline wasn't properly displaying my changes. 

Now that I have edited the Correct and Incorrect states of that feedback panel, the slide previews correctly.

Sorry for the confusion!