The Newest Productivity and Design Features in Articulate 360

Sep 28, 2021

Hey, Articulate 360 users! We’re unveiling more new features that make it even easier to create engaging, interactive e-learning courses.

The biggest story in Storyline 360 is 360° images. Import any 360° panoramic image, then embed video, audio, text, and navigation to build interactive environments for employees to explore. You can also visually tailor online learning to your audience with the course cover photo and background hue of your choice. 

Make your courses more diverse and inclusive with five new illustrated Black characters in Content Library 360. Or use one of our newest professionally designed templates as the foundation for your next course.

On the accessibility front, the modern player in Storyline 360 now exceeds WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines for visual contrast and color, making it easier for all learners to navigate content, icons, and controls. You can also adjust the size of closed caption text, or boost visibility with a two-color focus indicator.

Finally, Review 360 has new version management controls and manual course and video uploads. Articulate 360 adds tools for managing undelivered invites, plus browser-based sign-in for desktop users. 

To stay up to date on what’s new and in the works, keep an eye on the Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap

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14 Replies
Lauren Connelly

Hello Olebogeng!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like your course is still uploading to Review 360, is that correct? It shouldn't take days to upload a course, so I'd like to take a look at the file you're publishing to Review 360. Can you share your project with me? Here's my upload link.

Becca Levan

Hi Olebogeng!

We can appreciate the need for privacy, so we're happy to sign an NDA if needed! Just let us know.

In the meantime, can you try publishing the attached sample file to Review 360 and let me know if it works? Feel free to add those attachments as a test! Also, have you tried importing the project into a new blank file to see if that helps? Keep me posted on your findings!

Matthew Dollinger

Sure hope this is the right place for asking about a 'New Feature' request. Likely I missed a link somewhere that is more suited to this.


In the Media library, there is an option to view/export audio and video CC/VTT files one at a time.

Would there be possible to create an option/method to mass/bulk export them? And to have the exported files named according to the scene/slide numbers and names (especially if in a sub-slide/layer)?   (i.e. "4.2 - blah blah blah")

Actually, having the export names do that by default when individually exported would be amazing as well!

This would be very helpful when working with dozens of audio and video files when preparing for translations.

Thank you!

Luciana Piazza

Hi John, 

Thanks for reaching out!

We do not have an indication within Content Library 360 for which Photos, Illustrations, Icons, and Videos are marked new. We do, however, have an indication of this within the Characters section, where you can view in order of Newest

( You can find this by going to the INSERT tab and then clicking on the Characters button. This will open up the Characters window. From there, you can modify the Sort by filter in the top right corner of the window.)

Additionally, I'd love to share our version history for Content Library 360. There, you can see what new features and fixes we've added in greater detail. Our most recent update was in December. In that update, you'll see we have added three new characters (Sarah, Thomas, and Aliyah) with Casual, Business Casual, and Corporate styles. 

To walk you through our Content Library in more detail, I'd like to pass along a few webinars: 

If you have any additional questions, please let us know! 

Have a great start to your week and happy developing! ✨