Tracking Assessment Attempts

Hi everyone,

We are working with a client who wants to be able to track how many attempts their learner has taken of the final assessment before passing. They also want to keep a record of each score. Eg. 50% on first try, 60% on the second try.

Someone mentioned Multi-Sco, but I'm not finding anything definitive there. 

Does anyone have any ideas for us please?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Peter!

Here's a list of data that Storyline sends to your learning management system (LMS).  Once that data is compiled in the LMS database, there's really no limit to what kind of analysis you can perform (assuming the LMS grants access to the data)!  I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS Administrator to find out what options they have available for reporting and data analysis.

Matthew Tan


I have the same issue. Our company is using a proprietary LMS, so it will only track 1 result. Which is the final result slide I set to track.

My question is, can Articulate 360 capture the following results:

1. First attempt

2. Best attempt

3. Last attempt

From the above 3 results we than decide which result to track and pump to LMS.