Transition Speed / Behavior

I love having all the new slide transition options in SL2 but find the speed behavior of some them rather odd. For example, with the Push transition, why does it start out slowly and then accelerate? Is there some way to control this? I'd much rather have a consistent speed transition where the previous slide is smoothly pushed away by the next slide. (Nancy Duarte has some great examples of this using PowerPoint.) You can slow the transition down but then the start of it can become galacial and it still rushes to get to the end.

I'm trying to think of a natural use case for the transition to accelerate like this; why would someone want that behavior? Just seems odd to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Ken Teutsch

The same thing seems to be true of all the transitions that move a slide on or off.  (Cover, Uncover, etc.)  

A little easing on the animation can be nice, in my opinion.  But I agree that they have overdone it.  Any transition time over about a second looks like a malfunction.

Motion path animations have the option to ease in, ease out, or not ease at all.  A choice like that on slide transitions would be great.  

Kieran Davies

Adding more control to transitions would be great, and something that i guess you'd usually expect to have already had, it does seem this was overlooked. If it's something they could add in that would be perfect.

edit: it would also be great if you could control which transition happened on that page based on variable values.