Transparent Background Video Support?!

Dec 25, 2018


I exported a QuickTime video with Alpha + RGB setting in after effect and when I Imported it to Storyline 3 (Lastest version) instead of transparent I got a black background. ( Using HTML5 output and chrome)

I'm looking for a solution to this?

Is Storyline capable of importing transparent videos or No It Just Can't?


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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi Sara,

Storyline 3 is capable of supporting Alpha Channel transparency in movies but it looks like it depends on the file format (.FLV and .SWF). Here is Articulate's support page which describes how videos are encoded in Storyline and another one which goes over the published output that support and don't support it (Flash and AMP).


Sara Ree

Hi Shiela,

Thank you for your response... and...

Again and again and again... Limitations...!!!

Based on those links Articulate Storyline does not support Videos with alpha-channel transparency on HTML5. 

If I still want alpha-channel transparency in HTML5, what then? I mean can I use web objects or something to suppress this deficiency?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sara,

Correct, we support FLV files with alpha transparency in our Flash output and the Articulate Mobile player (all Storyline versions). The nature of those files doesn't allow for transparency to carry over to our HTML5 output.  To make sure your courses will still play if you've included them we'll re-encode those files during publishing for HTML5 output to an MP4.

Some users have asked about other file types with transparency:

  • The MP4/H.264 file type does not support alpha channel (not specific to Articulate tools)
  • A .webm video format is an option for transparency, but we don't support that based on their lack of browser support.  Essentially if you were using that file, it wouldn't work in IE, Safari(mobile or desktop) and have less than awesome results in Firefox. 

Hope that helps clarify! 

Ady Howes

HI There. 

Just searched for a solution to a forthcoming problem. I am wanting to add a presenter on top of slides on an eLearning module. A bit like how you would see a sign language presenter super-imposed on a news programme.

We need to use HTML 5.

From what I'm reading, this isn't going to be possible in Articulate Storyline 360. Have I got this right?



justin kliegman

Has your team figured this out yet. I think I've been waiting on this since 2014. We have 360 and need this function to create amazing training. Your character library will never match what we can make in Adobe. But your platform is king in this industry. With a simple notion you can starting fixing this for your users but you don't. And furthermore never actually take direct complaints, fixes or suggestions from your best users... and implement them. Just make the changes. or hire someone who can. please. from a super user at a huge huger huuuuge corporation, do right by us. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Justin,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your candid feedback. FLV videos with alpha channel transparency have always been supported in Storyline 360 Flash and Articulate Mobile Player output, but not HTML5 output. While we acknowledge the Flash end of life is nearing, we're committed to making sure the impact and benefit of features like this come first. You can read more about our process here.

We don't have plans for supporting transparent videos in HTML5 right now, but I'll bring this back up to our product team. We'll update this discussion if anything changes.
Carlos Suso

Hi, how is the status of getting this feature? I am wondering if still in Articulate's timeline . Its been a year since this conversation started and Articulate's commitment to develop a solution for transparent videos in HTML5 output. We really need this feature and now Flash is dying at the end of the year more and more..

Mark Marino

We would also like to see some kind of support for alpha channel video incorporated into Storyline now that FLV is not an option.  We want to incorporate characters created in Adobe Character Animator into our Storyline courses but have no proper way of "compositing" them onto the screen at present.  Speaking from another large corporate customer, this is high on our wish list. 

Any update from the engineering team on an ETA for this feature?