Trigger: Reset media Video 1 - "myvid.mp4" to frame 1 When Media completes.

By default when a media object is activated by the end users (clicked or triggered) it finishes by pausing on the last frame of the video.

I want my video to revert back to the intial first frame before it was clicked.

I know it can be accomplished in a number of bandaid ways 'hidden layers' - 'static images' ect but has anyone got a better solution like a Trigger method thats is quicker?

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Lee Nielsen


My Goverment client wont allow us to update our Storyline 3 to Storyline 360 due to thier stringent IT security requirements around cloud accessible applications and looks like we will never be able to use 360 :-(

Storyline 3 v 360 Jump-to-time / cue feature

Jerry Beaucaire

Then you're stuck using the thumbnail approach.  What I would do then is:

  1. Snip out an image from the video to serve as a static thumbnail.  Add whatever text if you want and arrow in the middle so it's obvious you're supposed to click it.  
  2. Add a HOVER state to the THUMBNAIL and make the center arrow notably large in the hover state.
  3. Place the thumbnail directly over the video.
  4. Add triggers to the thumbnail:
    1. Play media video1 when user clicks
    2. Change the state of object thumbnail to hidden when user clicks
  5. Add a trigger to the video:
    1. Change the state of object thumbnail to normal when media video1 completes

That should give you the effect you want.