Trigger: Reset media Video 1 - "myvid.mp4" to frame 1 When Media completes.

Oct 14, 2020

By default when a media object is activated by the end users (clicked or triggered) it finishes by pausing on the last frame of the video.

I want my video to revert back to the intial first frame before it was clicked.

I know it can be accomplished in a number of bandaid ways 'hidden layers' - 'static images' ect but has anyone got a better solution like a Trigger method thats is quicker?

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Lee Nielsen


My Goverment client wont allow us to update our Storyline 3 to Storyline 360 due to thier stringent IT security requirements around cloud accessible applications and looks like we will never be able to use 360 :-(

Storyline 3 v 360 Jump-to-time / cue feature

Jerry Beaucaire

Then you're stuck using the thumbnail approach.  What I would do then is:

  1. Snip out an image from the video to serve as a static thumbnail.  Add whatever text if you want and arrow in the middle so it's obvious you're supposed to click it.  
  2. Add a HOVER state to the THUMBNAIL and make the center arrow notably large in the hover state.
  3. Place the thumbnail directly over the video.
  4. Add triggers to the thumbnail:
    1. Play media video1 when user clicks
    2. Change the state of object thumbnail to hidden when user clicks
  5. Add a trigger to the video:
    1. Change the state of object thumbnail to normal when media video1 completes

That should give you the effect you want.

Kevin Heald

The layer method described above does not work. I'm using Storyline 360, have a layer with an MP4 video in it.

Layer properties: no checkboxes selected, Allow seeking: Yes, When revisiting: Reset to initial state.

Trigger on the video: Jump to time 0s on This Layer when media completes, Play timeline option NOT checked.

The video stays at the end and does not jump back to beginning.

Kelly Auner

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

Since this is an older post, I'd like to confirm that you would like the video to revert to the beginning after playing? I'm able to do this in Storyline 360 by setting the following triggers:

Another workaround you can try is to take a screenshot of the first frame of your video. Add a layer on top of the video layer, and insert the image of the video there. After the video is plays, the learner will see the first frame of the video. Here are the trigger settings I used:

Windows 10 2022-05-27 at 2.08.57 PM

Here's what it looks like! If you need additional assistance, we'll be happy to help! You can share your .story file with us here, or privately through a support case. We will delete it from our systems when troubleshooting is complete.

Kevin Heald

Thanks for the reply Kelly. Your first option "setting a trigger on media complete jump to time/cue point does not work if your project is NOT using the Storyline built in player options (seek, back, next, play/pause). I am only using the show video controls option under the video itself.

I implemented your 2nd workaround and also put in a feature request to add a rewind at end checkbox within the video tools options.