Triggers not working with scrolling panels, such as "When Object enter slide" and "When Object intersect"

Oct 24, 2019


I am trying to show layers when an object enters the slide... and the object is inside a scrolling panel. The panel contains text and images... and I would like that when the user scrolls down and the image comes up on screen, the corresponding layer shows up. When the image leaves the screen, the player hides itself.

  • I have tried with "When Object enters slide", but Storyline considers everything inside a scrolling panel to be "already entered on the slide", not triggering the layer display.
  • I have tried with "When Object intersect", using a hot spot out of the panel and on top of it (using the timeline), but Storyline bugs out and does not load the slide at all when previewing. If the intersect trigger is removed, the slide loads as normal.
  • The only way I've been able to do such in by adding hot spots inside the panel and using a "When Mouse hovers". However, if the user manually uses the scroll bar, none of the triggers activates. It only works if the users scrolls using the mouse's track wheel.

I would have expected that the "When Object enters slide" trigger would work with a scrolling panel, as well as "When Object exits slide"... Is it normal that this doesn't work?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jean-Cristophe,

I would include instructions for the learner to hover over each object as they become revealed through the scrolling panel. 

 The "When objects enter slides" trigger will only work when a new object is introduced into the slide, not when it's technically already in the slide through a scrolling panel. Hopefully this helps clarify the issue! 

Aaron Doty

I'm trying to create a similar interaction. I want relevant images to appear when the user scrolls to a certain point in the scrolling panel. I quickly discovered that the 'when object leaves slide' event doesn't do what I want. I also tried to use the 'when object intersects target' event, by having an object embedded in the scroll panel trigger a layer when it intersected a stationary object on the base slide. I had high hopes for this, but Storyline refused to even preview the slide when this trigger was turned on - all I got was a blank white screen.

It looks like there is no way to get this kind of interaction to happen with a scrolling panel?