Turn off Caption Hint, Try Again

May 07, 2015

Is there a way to turn off the Caption Hint and Try Again box? When I insert a recording as a Step By Step mode, these are automatically added to the Slide layers panel. Is there an option to turn them off, so you don't have to delete them from every slide?

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Jacinta Penn

Absolutely Linda, when you are about to insert the screen recording, and you select Try mode, you will notice a little bit of blue writing 'Try Options'. Click on that and untick the captions option.  You can also turn off the Show Correct option so it just jumps to the next slide if they get it right. To get rid of the Try Again box you need to go into each slide and edit to change the number of attempts to 1.

Greg Pidgeon

Hey there, is there an easy way to remove the 'Try again' feature after the screen recording has been added? Or is it a case of removing the logic slide by slide?

I has added a great deal of content to the recording before stakeholder feedback came back to request the removal of the try again feature. I'd rather not re-add the recording if avoidable.