Unable to Make a 'Fill in the Table Assessment' in Storyline 360 Work

Jul 12, 2021

Hi Hive Mind,

I was wondering if anyone can help me? I need to create a 'fill in the table' assessment, where users have to fill in the price points of certain products. I know this isn't directly supported in Storyline 360, so I've looked through the forums and watched some YouTube videos and thought I'd cracked it.

I've tried both 'select one' and 'select many' questions, and I think my triggers are correct, but every time I test it in preview mode it says I must complete the question before submitting, however I have. 

Is anyone able to take a look at my file and tell me what I've done wrong please? I'm more of a Rise girl, and have given myself a headache trying to figure this one out! 

Thank you so much,


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Laura,

Ah, a mistake we've all made: improper trigger order. 

The trigger for submitting the interaction was before the triggers controlling the buttons needed for grading. Since neither button was selected before submitting, the program saw the question as unanswered. 

Just moving the Submit trigger down fixes that.

Garth Yorko

Rearranging the text boxes alone won't work due to the way you have the text boxes set up.  They are Text boxes rather than Numeric Entry boxes.

You also used the connector AND on the state change for the incorrect button when clicking the Submit button.  Change the connector to OR, since any incorrect entry means that the answers are incorrect.

I also changed the initial state of the Correct and Incorrect buttons to Hidden.  It seems to work.  

IMHO, it is easier to do it as I described in a previous post.