Updates to slide master not reflected in subsequent slides

Feb 08, 2022

Hi all,

I am hoping you can help me. I am working in Storyline, creating a custom theme from the Affinity Template. I started by going into the slide masters for all of the Affinity slides and updated font size and position of the headings. I did this by updating "Heading 2" to be white, Lato 20 and applied that style to most of the slide titles. Unfortunately, when I insert the slides, it shows that the heading is moved to the new position as expected; however, the font is "Normal Text" (Lato 12) for all of the ones I updated to "Heading 2" (Lato 20).  I went back to see which slide master each slide was referencing, and it indicates that the slide is referencing the master that I changed and the slide master correctly has "Heading 2" (Lato 20). Any idea what is happening here? 

I have already deleted re-inserted. I have also right-clicked and chose to "Reset Slide". 

I have attached the file in question. 

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Julia Baker

Since updating to the latest version of Storyline, we're experiencing a lot of issues related to themes and Slide Masters. I wonder if our issues are related to yours. 

Storyline keeps doing unexpected things, like replacing colors in the palette with shades of grey when I try to apply them to objects, doubling up animations on object groups, drastically changing the settings and position of objects that I copy/paste, and not responding to normal options in the theme (like background color). It also won't allow us to import themes that were made with older versions of Storyline. 

It's all very strange and time consuming to deal with. We really rely on themes and Slide Masters to keep things consistent and maintain an efficient workflow. Hopefully Support can help us get a fix!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Melanie!

Thanks for attaching the .story file! It sounds like the changes you're making to the Slide Master aren't saving. 

Are you saving and publishing Storyline projects on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive)? Working on a network drive or an external USB drive can cause erratic behavior due to latency. Also, are you finding this happens with this specific project only or all projects?

We'll continue working with you in this discussion to determine exactly what is occurring.

Melanie Brooks

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your email. This is happening with other presentations as well. Because of security measures, we only are able to save to network locations (C drive is not available). However, I have never encountered other issues due to that requirement. Would you kindly download the file I uploaded and see if you are able to recreate the issue when saving to your C drive?

Kind regards,

Julia Baker

We're also only able to save to network locations. We used to have some flexibility with where our files were while we worked on them, but client security requirements and the shift to remote work have made working in shared locations a necessity.

Can you please have the development team prioritize an update that will allow us to to work outside of drive C? No other software has this kind of limitation. It's frustrating to see that Articulate makes a big deal about your own employees being able to work from anywhere, but your software breaks when your customers try to do the same.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Melanie.

I was able to open your .story file and successfully apply the layout to other slides (and the font used remained Lato, size 20), so the issue could possibly be connected to the use of the network drive. 

Take a look at the article below for additional information:

You can also connect to one of our support engineers for further information and details. 

Melanie Brooks

Thanks Maria. Would you mind attaching the file where you were able to successfully apply the layout.

Also, as Julia requested above, could you have the development team priorize an update that will allow us to work on network drives. I work at a financial firm and our computers are locked down. We do not have the ability to save to the C drive or a local drive, only to network locations. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Melanie!

I've taken the same steps as Maria in your original project file and I am not noticing the font changing. Here's a screen recording.

I'm happy to share this request with our development team regarding working on network drives.

I've attached the file I saved locally to this discussion.