Using gifs as a hover state breaks the other states of objects in multi-select feedback

Nov 25, 2021

Hi wise forum! I have been scratching my head with this one. I have created a multi-select question from a series of 4 images, with custom state changes on the feedback layers (to show visual feedback, depending on the learner's selection).

All works fine until I add the hover state, which is an animated gif. The gif works fine, but feedback slides now show an empty object for anything that has a hover state gif, no picture!

Has anyone else come across this issue or have any bright ideas?

I can't share the source file, but have attached a screenshot of the result (when I tried to rebuild from scratch and came across the same issue).

- The first option has a hover gif, works fine.

- Select answer, feedback shows and tick appears, but base image disappears!

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Amy Thornton

Thanks Lauren. Does this apply to a state change to a non-gif?

My issue is the gif works fine as a hover state (ie, only the hover state is a gif, all other states are plain static images), but once the interaction is selected the object state changes to the correct/incorrect state but the (non-gif) image doesn't show.

Becca Levan

Hi Amy! Thanks so much for sharing your file!

I replaced the image for the Correct selected state for pilot A, and things seem to work as expected after clicking the submit button. Here's a quick recording of my steps, and I attached the revised file. Let me know if it looks good on your end!

Kelly Auner

Hi, Amy and Nicole!

I have great news to share! We are no longer seeing this issue in our latest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.73.29831.0), where an animated GIF flickers or flashes when changing state or shown in a layer.

To make sure your software is up-to-date, please launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and select the Update button next to Storyline 360. I've included our step-by-step instructions here!