Using player with audio paused when timeline starts on a slide

Oct 20, 2022

Probably a newbie question...I have developed a course in SL 360 and would like to use the play/pause button on the player to control sound.  The sound seems to automatically begin when the timeline starts on the slide.  I know with buttons you can control the start/stop of audio and use pause audio when the timeline starts on the slide to control having it start when the slide starts and buttons with triggers to play and pause the sound and this works beautifully with the buttons however not so much with the built in play/pause.  I have a trigger to pause audio when the timeline starts on the slide but can not see how to start the audio when the user clicks the play button on the player.   Thanks for any help/direction.  

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Kim, 

Thanks for reaching out!

Using the 'Pause timeline of audio file when the timeline starts on this slide' trigger will only pause the timeline for the audio file, which means that the actual timeline of the slide will still play. If you want to pause your audio and only play it when the play button on the Player is clicked, you can instead use this trigger: 

With an audio file on the slide, pressing play/pause will resume the timeline for everything on the slide, including the audio file. I've attached a sample project so you can see how adding the trigger above affects an audio file on a slide. 

Let me know if you have any questions!