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Sandy Shailes

Some feedback on my experience with parallels...


  1. I spent a lot of time with support as there were some graphic set up options in the Articulate recommendations that didn't exist on my Mac, even though it is not old at all. It caused a huge amount of frustration and miscommunication.
  2. Screencasts with audio are pretty crappy as Mac doesn't have internal speakers.  so when recording a screencast with audio, it records the sound that comes out of the speakers first.  So I tend to do all my work on the mac, then use a usb to open the course on a windows computer to do the screen cast.  not ideal.
  3. I also have issues when I undock timeline/trigger etc windows.  The control handles end up outside of the windows windows, so can not be grabbed to move or redock/minimize.
  4. If using eyedropper for colour, you must stay within the windows screen, so you can't pick the colour up from a doc you have open in Mac
  5. Finally, for replay, the screen cast captures off centre.  so not useable at all.  Once again, I do all my Replay work on an old windows computer.
  6. Takes some getting used to locating folders on the Mac through windows, necessary when all my images are on the Mac,  Once I set up shortcuts it was ok.

I am pretty stubborn and really love my Mac.  I procrastinated long and hard between buying parallels (then windows for mac) or just buying a new laptop, But I didn't want to run two computers or give up on Mac, I also like the built in text to audio voices in Mac, which often have a place in some of my courses.

Storyline on Parallels for Mac is useable but still has a little way to go before it is as user friendly as a true Windows device.

As a contractor, I often use the client's computer and license instead of my own, and when I do use their Windows computers I am reminded just how good it can be.  Mac version definitely makes me less time efficient.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy,

I just saw this after also responding to you here about how to redock the panels. You also mentioned in this discussion working with our Support team as well, so I'll follow up with them in terms of the screen resolution items you mentioned so that we can update any documentation as necessary. 

John Earland

This is great advice.  I have quite an old MacBook Pro (High Sierra) and it works perfectly fine for everything I do.  I was thinking of getting Parallels Desktop but am thinking twice now really.  It sounds a whole lot easier to work on Windows laptop; I have one in a cupboard somewhere running Windows 10.  I much prefer my Mac though.  Thanks again for the advice though.

Kelly Auner

Welcome, John!

The E-Learning Heroes community is a great place to connect with other users and seek advice. Since this thread is a bit older, I wanted to share some additional resources with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to help!