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Jun 10, 2022

I am working on a course that has a menu of 8 topics and then an acknowledgment.  We want all the topic options to show and once the learner has visited all of the items, then we want the acknowledgment layer to show. I have the acknowledgment button placeholder on the base layer and then added the active button on a layer.  I am using the true false variable. (not sure if it is the correct one) Currently, I have each button set to jump the the correct scene and to change the false variable to true. (1st image) I have for each topic I created a trigger when each topic is true then show the acknowledgment layer. (next images). I tried to find some videos that would suggest the best manner for this operation, but didn't find any that addressed my need. FYI: I don't have permission yet to share the file with you. 

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Walt Hamilton

One problem is that as soon as you click, the first trigger initiates a jump action, and that cuts off the execution of any more triggers in that list. So the variable never changes.

Ir you change the order of those two triggers (jump and change variable) it may work better. But it's also problematic that the layer is shown immediately before the jump, which you may not want. I prefer to set the variable at the end of the target scene. Then I know they have seen all the scene. On returning to the menu. show the acknowledgement layer when the timeline starts, if all the variables are true. It only takes one trigger.

Check the mixed Navigation in the sample at this post:
It has four buttons that take the learner to different slides, and when they are all visited, a button appears, but you can easily make that a layer instead of a button. 
Kristi Stewart

Thank you Walt.  I did change the order and this did work to show my layer and go to the acknowledgment.  I understand about on the return to menu show the acknowledgment layer and I tried what you had in your example and got stuck with the one trigger.  I will try again on Monday  as my brain has stopped for the day and if I still have issues I will reach back out.  Thanks for answering late on a Friday!😊