Video on how to edit a MP4 video imported into Articulate Storyline 360

May 17, 2023

I have imported a demo that was recorded in Microsoft Teams (MP4) into Articulate Storyline 360.  I want to add audio, an opening slide to the front of what has been recorded. 

Also, I was present in the teams meeting when it was recorded and my face appears in the recording. Is there any way to edit the recording and hide my face? 

What resources are available to help me with this task?

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John Morgan

Hi Kim,

Great questions! I understand you'd like to know how to add audio to your course and if editing yourself out of videos is possible. I'd be happy to get you some information on these topics!

First, there are many ways you can add audio to your opening slide. Here's an article going through all of the options you have.

Next, you’ll need to use another software to hide your face in your video. We don’t currently have the option to edit videos in that way, but that sounds like an interesting idea that I can share with our product team.

I would love to know if our community members would have any recommendations for editing your videos.

Thanks for reaching out!