Video won't autoplay - BUT - will play when "hamburger menu" clicked

Aug 24, 2023


I'm hoping you can help! I'm trying to have a video autoplay when the slide begins. The problem is: (A) it doesn't autoplay but (weirdly) (B) it will play if you click the "hamburger menu" in the upper left corner.  I've set the trigger to play when the timeline starts on the slide, but can't figure out why this is happening.  

Note that I received this Storyline file that someone else created (who, at the time, was new to SL) so maybe she did something that I'm not seeing.  I've tried to attach the SL file for review, but the discussion isn't allowing me to do that.  (So if you could offer a suggestion as to how to do that, I'd appreciate that, as well!)

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the autoplay of the video on slide 2 cannot work

before the autoplay is enabled by the browser the user has to interact (-> click) with the html page

this is your problem trigger on slide 1

you prevent the learner from interacting with the page before the video should start automatically

  • autoplay of video (with audio) is very restricted
  • every browser has another strategy for allowing autoplay (Chromium, Firefox, Safari)
  • storyline uses a methode, which works on all current browser -> play button with silent audio playing at start (if necessary)


here is a solution - how you can start the necessary storyline play button at the first start

or you remove the complete first slide and use instead the nice new player feature "Cover Photo fill player frame"

then the play button no longer has the "ugly" black background


more infos  about "autoplay audio / video with audio"