Videos on layers won't replay

May 11, 2015

Hi there, so I've encountered a problem with getting videos on layers to replay once the layers have been shown. Basically I have a slide where the base layer is essentially a "home" layer. On the base layer there are 2 hotspots. Each Hotspot triggers an "opening" layer with video, which automatically advances to another layer containing more info. On the more info layer, there is a "Back" button which triggers a "Closing" layer with another video, which then hides the layer when complete to take the user back to the base layer, in order to choose another option/hotspot. Everything works perfectly the first time a hotspot is selected, but once back on the base layer, the "opening" layer videos won't play and are just stuck at the first frame.

Videos are mp4, encoded in h.264, and are locally stored. Some of the "opening" layer videos are the same file but edited/trimmed using the built in Articulate video editor.

I've tried:

1.Setting all layers to "Reset to Initial State" when revisiting

2. Using a "Jump to Slide" trigger instead of "Hide Layer" trigger to get users back to base layer (While slide was set to "Reset to Initial State" in slide properties)

3.Using "Hide Layer" triggers when "media completes"

I just don't know what else to try to get this working. I've built a mockup slide using a different mp4 video and the same problem persists. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Here's the mock up slide:

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Ann,

I took at the latest post which was with Gary and it seems our team wasn't able to replicate the issues when using Storyline 2 Update 9 (we're now on Update 10). Do you know what update you're on? Can you share a bit more detail and information about your set up and the issue you're running into? 

Chris Dorna

I have also a problem with not replaying (or be able to restart) video's on a layer. I am working in a project that originally was created in SL1 (as far as I remember no probelems with the video on the layers)  and now I am on the latest version of SL2.

There is a strange thing in the behavior. On the slide are four layers with video. Two of the contain a small (size) video, that can restart with a button on the base layer. The two othe videolayers contain larger video's and do not replay when the layer is showed again (from a button on the base layer).


Mark Shepherd

Hi everyone:

The timing of these article responses is apt, as I am currently working on a video-oriented slide for a new project that might also have this problem occur, as I've also occasionally run into this now and again over the past year in Storyline 2!

Typically my Storyline 2 solutions are workarounds:

1. Place the Video I need to control on the Base Layer, and NOT on subsequent Slide Layers.


2. If I need to use control gates to move on, I place the gate triggers and details (IE: Hotspots, for example, or Buttons, or other state/tracking details) on ONE Slide, and the Video on a SEPARATE Slide.

Hope this helps!


PS: I will investigate seeing how this works in Storyline 360 this weekend and will post my results next week. ;)


Chris Dorna

Hi Mark and Alyssa,

It does not work in the published Flash-version of SL360, but it works in the HTML-5 version. A problem with the HTML5-version is that we cannot configure the videoplayer (it is only visible when the mouse is over the video). The preview in SL360 it works fine withe the articulate videoplayer.

I also considered moving the feedback video's to the base layer, but I will have to move them to a later moment on the timeline and I will need extra triggers to stop and play the videos on the base layer. The project has 50 slides and this will take too much time.

I attach the document with one slide of the entire module. There are 5 video's. The first video (on the base layer) is the one withe the question. On the two layers Optie 1 and Optie 2 are the video's with the answering options ("Ja" and "Nee", "Yes" and "No") with the video's that apear right of the question video. These video's do replay when you click on the Replay-button.

On the layers Feedback 1 and Feedback 2 are the video's that apear when you click on the options. These video's do not replay when you click one of the option videos again.

On the layers triggerSetHerhaalNormal and triggerSetHerhaalDisabled are the triggers that are responsible for hiding the replay buttons when a video is playing.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello Chris,

I opened the file you attached in Storyline 360, and published to both Flash and HTML5. The links to the published outputs are below. I did not see any issues with the videos replaying. Can you please check these links and let me know if the issue seems to be resolved in these published outputs? If not, can you please clarify which videos are not replaying?

Alyssa Gomez

Thank you for clarifying that, Chris. I now see the behavior you describe. At this point, it would be best if our Support Engineers take a look at your file to determine why it works as expected in HTML5 but not in Flash. I opened a support case for you (#00965047 for my reference) and included your file, as well as the links to the published content. You should be hearing from one of our engineers shortly. I'll also follow along with your case and post updates here  for anyone else in the community that may encounter the same problem in the future.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Chris:

Interesting that your feedback can be replayed just fine in Firefox and not in Chrome

Generally speaking, the (informal, my interpretation only) hierarchy of browser support from Articulate goes something like this:

-Google Chrome (near-full support, .chrome)

-Mozilla Firefox (top-level support, .moz)

-Opera (high-level support, .opera)

-Microsoft Edge (currently not A360 supported)

-Microsoft Internet Explorer (currently not A360 supported)

Out of all of these, Chrome is, on paper, at least, the easiest for Articulate to support, as its overall HTML 5 support scores vastly outstrips most other browsers (492/555).

That being said, Firefox and Opera are slowly gaining ground on Chrome, and even Edge is improving, relatively speaking.

Flash, is, of course, another entirely different beast, and is going to be the critical point of entry for Articulate's engineers to assist you with, as Alyssa points out. ;)

Chris Dorna

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for opening the support case. This was the answer:

Thanks for writing back and for the clarification. Following your instructions, we've reviewed the project again and was able to reproduce the issue on Flash content - even on new projects we've worked on. We've reported this case to our Quality Assurance Team for their review. I cannot offer a timeframe for when or if this issue will be addressed in the future build but I'll certainly keep you posted. 

I hope we do not have to wait too long.

Rodney Faulkner

Hi, is this issue sorted yet?  I'd like the video to play automatically again if the learner revisits the layer. Even having a standalone play button doesn't work.  Resetting the layer to initial state makes no difference.

I'm on SL2 V9.  When I check for updates it says I'm up to date but Ashley above says we're up to V 10.  

Can you let me know?

Thank you.


Rodney Faulkner

Thanks for your quick response Wendy.

I just updated to V11 but the behaviour remains.

I have a slide with multiple videos on layers.  When I try and replay a video it works once but after that, no matter which layer i choose, it won't replay.  I have two multiple video slides and the behaviour was the same.  It would replay any of the videos but only once.  When I try and replay another, it doesn't.

Do you have a private email I can send this course to you to take a look at? This module is confidential.

As a side note, when I hit 'check for updates' it says im up to date but I was on V9.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Rodney

I'm not Articulate staff so if you need to share privately you may want to submit a case with Articulate, alternatively if you are happy for me to take a look you can use the Contact Me email on my profile to get in contact with me.

Are you testing your published module locally or are you uploading to the intended environment Web/LMS and you are having this behaviour?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Rodney,

The behavior you're seeing seems to match the issue Chris also experienced, mentioned above. I appreciate you sharing your experience with us; it’s definitely helpful to understand how many folks are experiencing this bug and how often they encounter it. That info helps us prioritize our development resources. And in case you're wondering how we handle bugs, here's how we tackle it.

If you'd still like us to take a look at your file, we'd be happy to do that. You can send it directly to our support engineers here. 

I'll be sure to update this thread once we have more information from QA, and you'll be notified of any new information because you're now subscribed. 

Mario Buljan

Hello there!

I also have the same problem. Videos play well on desktop, but on mobile, when revisited, they only freezes, no movement, no sound, and the slider is only moving as seconds passes. It goes till the end of video duration. The navigation works, but whenever I visit video in branching scenario which was visited before, it freezes. I use Storyline 360 and I am about to send a demo to the client tomorrow, and I don't know what to do.


Chris Dorna

The first post about this problem is 2 years old. Articulate is stille working on a solution. I am afraid that there is no solution tomorrow or within the next ...... days, months? I solved the problem by adding extra slides (with the video's on the base layer) and extra triggers. 

Did you try Firefox (flash or html5)? Perhaps you are lucky and you can use this for your demo.

Mario Buljan

Hello Chris,

your solution is very creative! I was thinking about something similar, but
then I found info about updates.
The good think is that I found out that last update for Storyline 360, one
month ago solves that problem! U updated my Storyline and everything works
fine, videos are not freezing anymore on mobile during revisit slides.
I am so happy :-)

It seems that mobile responsive interactive video it at it's beginning of
stronger commercial usage.